Bag for your Blackberry?

  1. I've been looking for a cute holder for my Blackberry. Something that can help me quickly find my Blackberry in my purse. You know how they sell those cute cell phone holders? Unfortunately my black berry is too big for them.

    Any suggestions?

  2. I like the eyeglass case or gadget bag from mght be good. Cute fabric will stand out.
  3. Which Blackberry model do you have? If you look on the Blackberry website, you will see a whole range of leather cases in all sorts of funky colours.
  4. I have a new Blackberry- 8700 something or other. I have been looking at the Verizon Wireless site but having problems finding the carrying case! Grr
  5. Thank you so much Tigger! I really appreciate your help (and everyone's ele's). Thank you!!!! :tup:

    I wasn't able to find something in the color that I want though (a hot pink). I am considering this though:

    I'm also considering this, since I think I could also keep my bluetooth in it:

    I just wish it had a flip cover so I didn't have to pull the blackberry out of the bag in order to answer a phone call or send an email.