Bag for when you're having an "ugly" day??

  1. Ok, story time everyone!
    It's the beginning of autumn here in Queensland, Australia - apparently! It's actually incredibly humid and 27-30 degrees C. all day. So getting up, putting on the suit and getting into work has become a completely ugly event. I'm sweating like a runner by the time I get into work, my makeup has slid off my face and is practically on my blouse, and none of it is a good look.

    So I have discovered that I own a bag for an "ugly" day - the bag that makes you look and feel pulled together and great, even if you look like you just stepped out of a sauna!

    My piece of bag magic is a large leather Longchamp top-handle bag, with the signature silver toggle closure. And I want to know if anyone else has a bag that works the magic!

    Time for sharing...
  2. my balenciaga magenta city and chanel coco cabas are a show stoppers. made people focused on the bag instead of my tired face :p
  3. I actually have "ugly day sunglasses" more than bags. =P Usually big Lv ones.
  4. all my bags are appropriate for ugly days ;)
  5. Chloe python silverado. It's also the go-to for fat days.