Bag for university - Delightful PM or MM? Neverfull MM owners please help me! :)

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  1. Hello ladies! :flowers:
    I'm starting university in a few days and still haven't made my mind up which Delightful to get: the PM or the MM size.
    I was hoping you could help me: I need to know how these two compare to the Neverfull MM.
    My mum owns it and although I dislike the Neverfull as a model, I've used it a couple of times and I think that size is quite perfect for me and also for my books and school stuff.
    Aside from the usual stuff I carry with me (keys, wallet, mobile, ipod, small make up bag) I will be carrying around 3 or maybe 4 books/exercise books and a pencil case, no laptop.
    I dislike oversized bags, and to me the Delightful MM looks already quite big (I'm weird I know :P), so I was initially going to get the PM, but i don't know if everything will fit into it!
    So, which of the two comes closer to the Neverfull MM? Or, do you know if A4 size books can fit into the PM without much effort?

    Thank you so much!
  2. I've had neverfull mm's and I have delightful mm...I think they are very comparable, except that delightful is taller. Delightful pm is way smaller than neverfull mm.
    For what it's worth, I sold both of my neverfulls when I got my delightful mm! :smile:
  3. Thank you!! you've been so nice! I'm gonna get the MM then :biggrin:
  4. If you going to use it for carry books as well, it's the MM then (:*
  5. totally MM or GM
  6. I also have a Neverfull MM and recently purchased a Delightful MM. They're very comparable, IMO. Delightful MM holds a bit more stuff, but it doesn't look huge. Delightful PM would be too small and I found GM to be way too big on my frame, might work for some people.
  7. My delightful PM holds the same as my NF MM. Difference is the delightful PM isnt meant to hold books and A4 documents very well because of it's slouchy nature.
  8. Have you ever conciderd the delightfull GM?For Uni im guessing you do hold alot of files ect.When I got my delightfull GM from the leeds branch in the UK I was goin to the branch to get the Neverfull MM but then the lady showed me the delightfull MM.The MM is nice but to me personaly I think it looks abit plain and then she brought me the neverfull mm out and the leather on it is actually really thin which did put me off :oh: . After looking at both bags I thought ''ehhhhhhhh nooo'' and the she brought me out the GM and I was like :shocked: it is a beautifull bag and the best purches iv made from Louis Vuitton, the bag is MASSIVE inside but yet it doesent look that big on the outside and you can fit so much stuff inside in unbelivable.The shoulder strap is alot thicker to out of all of them which make it alot more comftable on the shoulder.Even tho the bag is big it is beautifull and iv had no regrets of buying it what so ever :biggrin: