Bag for thought: What is THE classic LV bag?

  1. The daily bag for thought is-- What is THE classic LV bag? We always talk about bags being "classic" but what is the utlimate CLASSIC LV??

    No right or wrong just a thought:smartass:

    I think--- monogram speedy 30
  2. I agree, it seems the mono speedy is the one collection must-have! Wish I liked it more...but I do have the mini lin speedy.

    Also I think the mono Alma is a classic.
  3. Mono speedy 30
  4. I'd say the Monogram Speedy.
    But I don't like the Speedy, so I don't have one. My classic bag is a Mono Cabas Piano.
  5. Mono Speedy 30
  6. Monogram speedy ! :yes:
  7. THE classic one of ALL time.......

    Need I say more?:tender: :cutesy:
    vuitton and audrey.jpg
  8. i second speedy mono30 :smile:
  9. Definitely the Monogram Speedy :balloon:
  10. Another vote for the Speedy!
  11. Like others, absolutely MONOGRAM SPEEDY!
  12. I would say the monogram speedy.
  13. Monogram speedy 30. :yes:
  14. mon speedy..
  15. Monogram Speedy!