Bag for school!

  1. I'm going to school this fall (after too long, lol) and I need a new bag! I'm only a part time student so it doesn't have to be too heavy duty or anything, just pretty! I have a Juicy daydreamer and I think something around that size would be perfect, or the Cambon size tote. But I'm lost! I have quite a bit to spend and about 3 weeks to buy it! Any ideas/advice/recommendations? Thanks!! :girlsigh:
  2. Have you seen the Juicy velour backpack ? It is very cute , it has big pom-poms and is what I would be carrying for school . I personally would'nt spend over 350 for a school bag . I'd use the leftover for a killer pair of Christian Louboutin heels !
  3. absolutpink,I have a question for you-- how much does the Juicy tote (that you have) hold? Is it easy to access? Thanks in advance!

    And for your question, I think a Coach tote would be good or maybe a bagtionelles horizontal from LV....Good luck!
  4. Hi! It's very easy to access... it's open at the top (it only closes with ribbons). I can easily put a coil notebook in it but a textbook would be a stretch, unless it was a smaller one.
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