Bag for school..

  1. Does anyone have any ideas about what type of bag i could use for school, that is preferably big enough for like 3 notebooks and a mathbook?

    I was thinking the LV messenger bag, but it looks kind of boy-ish to me.
  2. what about the LV batignolles horizontal? i know a few of the girl use one for school. very roomy and on the low end price wise for LV
  3. I use a Burberry large compartment tote & it works great! I carry a notebook & laptop & have room for extra!
  4. hmm.. balenciaga work?
  5. Iamapumagirl, what style of bag are you looking for? Any material in particular? Please excuse my ignorance, it's been over 30 years since I left school :biggrin: Exactly how big is a Math book?

    What do you think of these?

    Something funky in canvas:
    Parcel handbags Octopussy Honey Ryder Crossbody
    Mermaid - $67-95

    Ellington Hailey bucket bag - soft unstructured suede $159
    14" x 17" x 4"
    Lucky Chopper Leather Crossbody - $181-95
    Dimensions: 17 1/2" wide x 3" deep x 11" high
    Hobo Norina 238-95

    Dimensions: 17" wide x 3 1/2" deep x 11" high.
    Francesco Biasia Country Dancing Large Tote - $559
    Measures 12"H x 19"L x 7"W.
  6. And if you like cats and/or dogs, you just might like to consider one of these cuties:
    Sydney Love Cats Embroidered Large Tote - $54; it has a detachable
    shoulder strap
    Material: microfiber
    12" x 17" x 5"

    JP Ourse cat tote - $125

    J P Ourse Scottie Shopper Tote - $125
  7. I recommend the Betsey Johnson Good Girl bag. It's HUGE. I use mine for school and I can fit everything in there. It only costs $385. You can hold it in your hand or carry it with the provided shoulder strap.


    Comes in black and brown.
  8. i use a michael kors studded astor shopper for school
    i have it in luggage but the lighter shade called natural is really pretty

  9. How about a Mezzo? The SAs at LV say it's a great bag for school.
  10. i use a black prada nylon messenger (large).
    it's great because the material stands against any harsh weather and i can throw it around without having to worry too much about it getting dirty. it can also withstand harsh treatment for those days you have to carry around more stuff.