Bag for School - Batignolles Horizontal or Neverfull MM?

  1. I love both but I can't decide which would be better for school.

    The BH straps look more sturdy compared to the Neverfull MM. And I'm just afraid with my laptop (Macbook), books and papers - might break the straps of the Neverfull.

    Batignolles Horizontal:


    Neverfull MM:


    (Both pics taken from eluxury)

    Help, anyone?
  2. i'll much prefer BH. BH is more structured, and not as filmsy
  3. From what I've read, the Neverfull was tested with a lot of weight in it. 200lbs or something. If so, then I wouldn't worry about the straps breaking :lol: I have also heard that if you do carry a lot in it, the straps can dig into your shoulder.

    I think it would all depend on how much you carry. I vote for the Bat. from looks alone and strap comfort.
  4. They both equally nice and practical to me, so i guess it just depends on which looks better on you.
  5. I'd probably the the BH, but have you actually tried carrying both bags? the BH kept slipping off my shoulders when I was deciding between BV and BH :push:
  6. i prefer the BH. Just because it looks more structured. I think the BH holds the laptop well because you can put it to one side of where the sides go in when clipped together, and it holds it in place more securely. Sorry that sounds rather confusing lol.
  7. I don't care for the Neverfull, so I say BH!
  8. I like the BH.
  9. if you're going to put a laptop in there i'd go with the BH. there is more stucture to it and the handles will take that weight a little better I think,
  10. I like the Neverfull myself. Even though the straps are rather thin, the ability to carry 200lbs or so is quite impressive
  11. Neverfull !!!
  12. I don't own any of the two bags, but I vote for the BH!

    Have you considered the Damier Chelsea? I have that one and I think it's great for school. I can fit a lot in it (my laptop aswell) and it's carefree because there isn't any vachetta and it has zipper closure. It was a gift from my BF and I really adore it :heart:
  13. The BH.
  14. I'm going back to school next week and I was debating these exact bags! :smile: I think I am going to go for the BH. The Neverfull looks a little cheap to me. :x
  15. Hmm...I'd say BH, even though that's not my favorite bag. Even though I know that the straps of the neverfull were tested to carry over 200 lbs, I'm not sure how much weight the bag can tolerate for longer periods of time (as I'm assuming you will be using this bag frequently with your school stuff and computer) and vachetta DOES soften when it patinaes. And I've also heard that the straps of the BH fall off (but again, the straps will soften), but with the neverfull:

    - the ties on the sides are known to get loose and fall off...not sure how you feel on that (it bothers some and doesn't bother others)

    - the skinny straps might be durable, but will dig into your shoulders if you put too much weight in them

    For school, I'd opt for the Cabas Mezzo, Damier Chelsea/Uzes or Epi Noe. ;) Good luck with your decision!