Bag for PCE Opinions needed

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  1. What do you think of the Bleecker Leather Zip Hobo? I also was looking at the Legacy Shoulder Bag in Juniper (I really want a green bag for some reason).

    I want to get a bag with my PCE but am not sure what to get! I currently have and love the Chelsea leather and optic bags as well as a Signature Strip tote in denim. My preference is a "small" bag that holds quite a bit of stuff (two pairs of glasses and a decent size wallet and sometimes a small bottle of water).

  2. If you really want a green bag, get the juniper legacy shoulder bag! Unless you want a darker green in which one of the bleecker's in bottle green :smile:
  3. I tried on the Bleecker Duffles and they are kinda big on me. I'm under 5 ft. so a bigger bag won't look good on me.

    Both the Bleecker hobo (in Tan) and the should bag are calling my name right now!
  4. Well you seemed pretty excited about juniper so...
    why not get a fun colored bag???? :smile: The shoulder bag is SO pretty and more interesting than the hobo :smile:
  5. I would get the legacy shoulder bag in juniper. I love this bag and will be getting it in raisen. You should get it or you will regret it.