bag for mom

  1. Dear fellow tpfers.... i would like to purchase a bag for my mom birthday... do you guys have any idea which bag should i buy.... i'm thinking of buying her speedy mini lin, since it is new, but, i worried my mom would prefer a shoulder bag, which is big while you can through anything in it, and not too formal looking... the thing is, all the shoulder bag is soo young looking to me, and i dont think my mom would like it, :confused1: ... what dya guys think?.... your comment would be highly appreciate...:heart:
  2. umm..if you don't mind me much are you willing to pay?
  3. I know that my mum would want something less blatant than a Mini lin, like something epi...
  4. thanks you prentice, :smile:...... i know epi is nice, i do consider buying her an alma that vlad and meg bought for the contest..... but i think she need something like everyday bag and less formal, so i think better to give her canvas then full leather.... i dont have much budget btw, i will consider to pay less then US$ 1000....
  5. I wouldn't do mini lin. My friend bought the mini lin speedy and it is VERY fragile. It is pilling (almost like a sweater) and is also snagging.

    What about a Batignolle Horizontal?

    Of course, my favorite is the Speedy in either monogram, damier or epi. (and I'm a mom) - My very favorite is the mono speedy, followed VERY closely by the Damier. You can't lose with the Damier - no patina'ed handles to worry about.

    You're a nice daughter!
  6. Epi Alma or Mini Lin Boulogne.
    I think Epi is cool for casual occasions too.
  7. My mum seems to like the Boulogne. Not to frilly, a nice sensible shoulder bag. It seems a lot of my friends' mums like the bag also. I asked some of them to look through the catelogue and pick which the liked the most and they all added the boulogne to the list. and that does come in mini lin and maybe thats an option for you too.
  8. My grandma loves the boulogne.
  9. cabas piano.
  10. It depends if she wouldn't mind owning a handheld bag. I know a lot of my friends don't like handheld bags.
  11. Since you say she doesn't really care for handhelds which I'd say SPEEDY...So then fav. shoulder = BH!!!!! Roomy, nice and classy yet casual, easy access, beautiful, and comfortable to wear.

    Good Luck! Let us know what you decide.:yes:
  12. my aunt has a trocadero....that seems to be a good motherly bag...or how about a Blois or a Sologne?
  13. BH for shoulder or Damier Speedy for handheld. :smile:
  14. I am planning to buy my mom a Monogram Canvas Lockit Horizontal or a Cabas Piano.
  15. Manhattan PM! That's what I'm getting my mom for her b-day next month. It's sophisticated and very classy.