Bag for Mom need help?!?


Sep 27, 2006
Las Cruces NM
Okay we are going to Vegas in Jan and I want to buy my mom a new Coach. She wears Dooney and now wants a Coach. I plan on buying her one (after a trip to the Louis Vuitton in the Fashion Mall of course) at the Coach that is down the road from the LV in the FM. She likes the rather Medium/Large Tote type bag. I am not too too familiar with Coach so any help would be great. She likes not too bold and out there bags but casual and can be used for everyday! Pics would be helpful.
:woohoo:Thanks guys!

Cupcake <3

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Sep 25, 2007
The sister just purchased our mother the "Signature Studded Gallery Tote." It'll be one of her new travel bags, It's quite roomy I say, and cute in my opinion.

Though, I'd like the gold better if it we're for myself. But the Brown color is perfect for mother's!



Sep 10, 2007
I was in the boutique w/ my mom the other day and she loved that studded tote in the brown as well. it has a nice shimmer to the c's but is still nice and subdued. I would just advise against getting the khaki or black on white signature bags, just to be on the safe side. I know that my mom really loves the leather and never really looks at the signature bags, unless they are black/black or the chocolate brown. HTH!