bag for fall??

  1. I need a good fall bag, all of my colors are for summer!! I think I want chocolate, and adore the signature fabric... any suggestions. I need a medium sized bag, although I like the looks of the smaller bags better! I just cannot decide!
  2. [​IMG]

    anyone have this one? Is it roomy?
  3. 10328 Black Leather Legacy Shoulder Bag - Inside.JPG
  4. I adore the med. chocolat carly. I have it. Its a GREAT bag!

  5. I agree with the chocolate sig medium Carly. I think that might be my next bag.

    The ergo is also nice:

  6. Okay, I am between the Carly and the Legacy... decisions decisions...

    LOL! kphillips you got a lot of stuff in that bag!!! I think I may like all of the hardware on the Legacy, but the Carly can go both casual and dressy... oh man????
  7. Carly carly carly! She is amazingly beautiful, holds alot, and is super comfortable! The chocolate brown Carly, imho, is the epitomy of a perfect fall bag.
  8. And even with all that stuff in there it's not very heavy. You can always do like I and get a Legacy shoulder in leather and a choc carly!! There, problem solved:tup:!!
  9. lol, actually that would cause a whole new problem... with the hubby!!!! :p I am told that I can have one new bag... just one. This may take a while for me to decide!
  10. I vote for my new favorite..the chocolate signature Ali Slim Flap... I just got this bag and think it's a perfect everyday bag! I also love the medium carly--don't have one--but love it on other tpfers!
    IMG_1100 (Large) (2).JPG IMG_1099 (Large).JPG
  11. i vote for the shoulder bag. easy access on the outside pockets and your stuff won't get lost like it may in the carly..
  12. I think everyone has given you great choices! YOu can't go wrong with any of them. Any chance you can go to a boutique and try them all on? Thats probably the best way to narrow it down. What are your favorite features in a bag? light weight? pockets/zippers on outside? long drop length? Whats important to you?
  13. I will have to order online, which is why I am trying to really think this through. I like a lot of room, but not a huge bag. I am short, so I don't like a really long strap to bounce off of my hip. I like shiny hardware!!! I prefer something that completely closes at the top, whether it be a flap or a zipper. I don't like the idea of someone being able to reach right into my bag if I am not paying attention. or being able to see what I have in there...

  14. ITA!!!
  15. The Coach boutique has brown signature on brown with a bronze stripe in the sig. stripe collection. It is a stunning bag. It is not displayed at my Coach store, that had to pull it from the back so that I could see it!