bag for Europe travel?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm new here...been lurking for a while and have learned so much from all the posts that I thought it was time to join in =)

    I'm going to Greece at the end of May and was thinking of getting a Longchamp Les Pliage tote for carry-on (good bc it can double as my bookbag next year for school). However, I'm at a loss for what to tote around when I actually get there - a medium/large pliage seems too big to carry around if I'm going to be walking everywhere, but I need something sturdy I can bring. I usually carry a damier speedy 25 but there's no way im bringing that on my trip. However, I don't just want to buy a cheapo bag that I'll never use again. Does anyone have any ideas or currently own a bag they've used on a trip? I was considering a Tano bag bc I'm sure I'd use that later, but don't those run around $300?

    If I had to set a max price it'd probably be $200, though I'd rather spend less. If I can't think of anything I might just get the small pliage...but that seems so boring...! I just want something chic and functional..

    Thanks!! And sorry for the looong rambling post :push:
  2. A no hands messenger bag is what I take. I happen to have a Gucci messenger, but that's $700. There are several other threads on this forum about travel bags. Check it out -- the ladies have given it their full consideration.
  3. thanks, passerby - that first stone mountain bag is really cute! im also eyeing the tano "lost art" (it's under $200!), but i can't decide whether to get military green or red...the green is more versatile w/my wardrobe (and on sale for $30 cheaper) but the red is just to die for...