Travel Bag for Cruise Excursions?


Oct 21, 2007
I hope all you vetern cruisers can help me out with this!

What bag do you use when you go on onshore excursions? I want the bag to be big enough for me to fit beach towels, snorkel gear (mask and mouthpiece only, fins are too big), and other necessities like my wallet/sunglass case/camera etc. I prefer a lightweight nylon material since it will probably be getting wet and tossed around. And perferably something that I can carry on my shoulder and across my body with a zippered opening.

I saw a girl carrying a large across the body hobo looking tokidoki bag that would fit my needs but wanted more opinons!
Jul 21, 2006
Southwest Florida
I leave all my expensive bags at home when we cruise, but I have also purchased, like baileylab suggests, a large beach bag with a zipper, of course, that could double as a bag for shore excursions so that you could fit your purchases inside. It really works out, because there are some extremely cute ones out there.