Bag for club/bar?! Help!!

  1. Okay, so typically i carry a Marc Jacobs or my Balenciaga but everytime i go out to see a show at a crummy old bar or just go out to dance i NEVER know what to carry. I have a Tokidoki bag but i find it's too casual. (i usally wear it to pools and ammusment parks and ulllltrrraa casual things.) I'd want something more rich looking that's $200 or less that could handle a little rough play. I also need something with a strap, doesn't have to fit over the shoulder, but must have some sort of strap or handle. No clutches, they are too awkward for these situations i've found.

    What do you guys carry for these kind of things?

    Totally appreciate it! :heart: :smile:

    _Sammy xx
  2. How about Coach?
  3. *sigh* I thought about that, but i'm not really into Coach.. I'm looking for slightly dressier and something a little less known. Also, the places i go are pretty 'alternative' so i know i'd be getting stupid looks, cause everryooonne knows Coach, you know?
  4. hmmmmm......there are some really cute juicy leather bags out for the winter season. They definetely dont scream "juicy" they are really cute and classy.
  5. Hmm, that may be a good idea. I'll check it out tomorrow, thanks! :smile:

  6. Oh wow, pretty cute! And awesome price! Thanks!!

    Cuffz by Linz

    ^^ love this best, me thinks :smile:
  7. I always take a clutch out, but I try to only take the kind that has a chain that will go over my shoulder in case I need to free up my hands. I like them because they can fit tight to your body and you don't need to worry about losing your stuff or someone getting into it!
  8. Oh wow those Cuff bags and accessories are perfect for the club, I even love the jewelry.
  9. This is my favorite for clubs etc. It's Hayden Harnett Tokyo Clutch in black and snake skin. Has a chain handle.
    This is the one.jpg
  10. Hobo International clutches - many of them have hidden arm or shoulder straps for when you need to dance or hold a cocktail - the patent leather clutches are TDF! Plus, if you spill something on it, it just wipes right off.
  11. Definately Hayden-Harnett Mercer!
  12. I always use a wristlet. It's the best way to keep enough stuff with you without the worry of keeping track of a handbag.
    This Kooba Audrey is super cute and comes with a wrist strap. I might need to pick this up for myself for going out!
    Kooba Audrey
  13. That is super cute. I might need to get one too. Thanks!!
  14. I usually take a Coach wristlet to the clubs.