Bag for afternoon tea at Ritz

  1. Ladies I need your help - I am taking my Mum to London this December to celebrate her B-Day. We will be having tea at Ritz and I have no idea which handbag would be the perfect accessory . I am going to wear black Betty Jackson dress. Please help!! :smile:
  2. What bags do you currently own or are you looking at buying one for the occasion? Do you need to carry much with you or would a chic clutch be adequate?
  3. I own brown Chloe Paddington but it wouldnt suit the dress
    I would like a new handbag for this occasion (I use every excuse to get one!) All Ive got to carry is my wallet and few essentials like tissues and mobile.
  4. What about something like this fendi clutch? I love the fendi convertible bags but not sure if they come in something to go w/your dress. Also, a classic chanel bag is always wonderful!
  5. shim.gif shim1.gif
  6. or a bit different but small and handheld - a Mulberry Ledbury?

    go to and look in womens iconic bags.

  7. Thank you so much for all your tips Ladies! I haven't decided yet as all those bags are to die for!
  8. how about a cute clutch like an anya hindmarch or lauren merkin?
  9. Does Styledrops sell authentic bags?
  10. Yes, Styledrops sells authentic staff indeed. I'm one satisfied customer :tup:
  11. I love the Fendi clutch! I also think a cute purse by Prada would be perfect.
  12. a Chanel flap would be fab!
  13. That's just what I was thinking!:yes:
  14. A classic Chanel flap would be perfect!