Bag for $50? Leather?

  1. My SIL wants a bag for Christmas but we have a limit on spending. So is this doable? She wants not huge, but big enough to throw her stuff plus a diaper and wipes in. She is not a handbag person (otherwise, she would buy one herself, right?? lol) - she has been carrying the same pink nine west fake leather bag for 2-3 years...

    So I was thinking black, medium sized, shoulder bag, easy to get in and out my main option TJ Maxx??

    Thanks for any suggestions!
  2. That's a lot of cute bags. Not bad for that price!
  3. Also, try a leather store, like Wilsons.
  4. love
  5. I agree try Wilsons as well. They usually have good deals.
  6. Thanks for the ideas - I am going to stop in at Wilson's tomorrow at the mall - great idea. I also saw this on ebags, which I liked and it would suit my SIL, so might be in the market for that as well...her taste is so different from mine that I don't think she'd appreciate the latest trends like patent or metallic, so I'm trying to stay conservative...