bag for 2k??

  1. Hello I've never had a hermes bag
    and I am maybe!! just about to give the big jump :tup:

    What can u get (bag) for a max of 2k usd ?
    something in leather maybe?

    tnx for advices
  2. picotin...and evelyn.

    if you can spend $3,000 you can get the massai...but the other 2 are under 2k.
  3. Evelyn, Vespa, can't think of any others at the moment.

    Oh, and a Garden Party
  4. yeah, leather so far, there are 2, the picotin and evelyne. :flowers:
  5. There's also a toile/leather messenger/sling bag called the Luco. I noticed you're in Europe, so you may get sac a petite ceinture for less than $2000. Not all leather, I know, but thought you could use some options.
  6. Hej AL,
    you could visit the shop in Copenhagen, they normally carry quite a few of the 'cheaper' H-bags.
    Picotin start at approx. EUR 1.300
    Evelyne EUR 1.400
    Garden Party(toile) EUR 1.100
    Valparaiso( toile) EUR 1.000
    Mangoire EUR 1.150
    Acapulco (not leather) EUR 1.000
    Lycka till!
  7. The HerBag too!
  8. There's the Buenaventura messenger, it's around $1600 but only has leather trim. Peanutbabycakes' dh has one.
  9. Right, Hello!
    the HerBag is a great 'casual Kelly'!
    i think the price is around EUR 1.300 (not sure)
  10. yes, and despite its' name, the HerBag looks great on guys!
  11. I love the Evelyne! A lot of leather for under 2k!
  12. And great on guys too!
  13. ^Good!! cuz my DH always ends up carrying my bags!!
  14. FYI. Evelyne PM2 start at $2050 here in LA.
  15. is PM2 the one with the back pocket? I didn't get that one.:crybaby::crybaby:

    Mine has no back pocket and was 1900. I would've preferred PM2, but it was in graphite, not etoupe.