Bag first; style after?

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  1. Hi All

    My first post! I bought my first Chanel this week - a Jumbo Classic Flap in Black; Caviar Leather (not sure I've said that in the right order but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it!)

    I have been dreaming of one for ages and took the plunge finally after getting a bit fed up with other designers.

    My Q to TPF girlies is, I've never been one to try much with "day" outfits, and only really plan outfits for night. Now, I don't want to set out the door without carefully planning / thinking about what to wear to match / meet the standards of my gorgeous bag.

    Do others feel the same after a new purchase or are some of you just always had the "style" with clothes? :yes:
  2. First of all, congrats on your first Chanel! That's a fantastic choice.

    I turned pretty style conscious after I graduated from high school last year, so I put a bit of thought into my outfits. I don't match my outfits around my bags though. I pick outfits first, THEN pick the bag that will go with it.

    Luckily, the Chanel flap you chose is black so it goes with pretty much everything except certain shades of orange (too halloweeny) and yellow (bumble bee?). You shouldn't have a hard time finding outfits that will match a classic style and color like that. :yes:
  3. Congrats!! I have the exact same bag, my favorite outfit with this bag?? white T, jeans and a pair of flats.;). Enjoy!!
  4. Ooh, I'm the same! My first Chanel was the black Jumbo Classic Flap in Lambskin and I use it most days. But I certainly don't dress the part and really feel the need to "gloss up" a bit now.

    Trouble is I can't get nice clothes to fit (v tall) and, to be perfectly frank, I have absolutely no sense of style at all.

    I need a stylist!
  5. Deinfately going to be my first point of call! Suppose a plain canvas is best for such lovely bags, I may get more brave and experiement later on haha....
  6. Congrats on your first Chanel. The black caviar is such a classic and goes with everything IMO. I like pairing my Chanel with casual outfits.
  7. Congrats on getting a Chanel and welcome! :smile: I think your classic flap would go very well with a Chanel jacket, a plain tank and distressed jeans with your favorite heels... That's what I'd usually wear.
  8. Congrats on your first Chanel!
    I also pick my outfit and choose the bag after. Have fun w/ it!
  9. congrats! that's a great bag. i also pick my outfit, then the bag. personally, i think the black jumbo goes with many different types of outfits.
  10. i think chanel is versatile enough that you can dress up or down, especially with a black jumbo. id say wear what you'd typically wear.... :smile:
  11. Congratulations on your classic Chanel and I agree!