Bag featured on MTV's The Hills?

  1. On the season premiere last Monday Heidi was carrying a light tan / yellowish bag as she was shopping for a pregnancy test. Does anyone know what that bag was? I love it!
  2. I looooove the Hills, but I can't help you! :sad: I hope that someone can!
  3. If you can somehow get a pic (from their website?), that would help figure it out.
  4. I've been looking for a pic for about an hour now.... That's when I posted here. :smile:
  5. i saw it too! ive been looking but cant find anything! I hope some does!
  6. I don't know about the brown bag but I saw her carry a chanel! I think it was the grand shopper?
  7. Just saw the clip. that bag is really nice! sorry, i would have to research a little. it reminds me of a balenciaga though. yxko1, not sure it's a chanel though.
  8. I remember seeing the bag. Is it the slouchy hobo with studs on it or the tote that looked like a Chanel?
  9. Can it be Moni Moni?
  10. ^^I think the mustard one is the moni moni
  11. ^^^It may not exist, many shows use fakes....for cost issues and they tend to disappear.
  12. OMG....its gorgeous!
  13. Feng Junk also carries this bag, check it out here:

    Moni Moni by Cinzia Moniaci - Eden Bag, Caramel

    I think they're also offering a 20% off coupon with code Grechen

    The one in cream is also really cute!