Bag Etiquette 101

  1. After having just read some threads about some pretty rude comments..... I thought it might be fun to get one going where we can state The Rules of Good Handbag Etiquette, so here goes: What do you think would be a good rule when it comes to handbags ?? I'll go first- Rule #1- DO NOT tell your friend her bag is "ugly". Find something positive to point out (it sure is well made !!)
  2. 2. Look at the hardware on that, isn't that nice.
  3. I find that, "Wow! That's really unique/unusual!" said in an upbeat manner goes over pretty well. The carrier tends to go on about how interesting it is or why she likes it, and I didn't have to say I liked it OR that it was awful.
  4. Never, never, never ask someone if their bag is real.

    Or how much they paid, unless they're bragging about the deal they got.
  5. Never judge a person by how expensive (or inexpensive) his/her bag is!
  6. Never buy the same exact bag (style, color, etc.) that a fellow bag lover/friend already owns/covets.
  7. I guess you might have read my thread about my mean friend lol.

    Anyways I read some girls bag showcase thread recently and someone wrote her "I hope you know your bag is fake! :wtf:

    RULE#? Tell the person in private you think their bag is fake.:tup:
  8. I have to disagree with this one. You may like it just as much (or in some cases more.) Designers make more than 1 of a certain bag; it's possible for you to both own them if you love it.

    As far as etiquettte, I think that it's appauling to call someone out for carrying a fake bag. To be honest, I think it says more about the person doing the calling out more of the time than a person who carried a fake but was minding their own business.
  9. ITA on calling someone on having a fake bag, I think it's unbelievably rude.
  10. ^^ I agree. It is in poor taste and humiliating for the other person. And humiliating someone else is NEVER a classy thing to do.
  11. Yes Thank you...I love this rule...
  12. I agree. I think it's really rude.
  13. Accept that we do not all have the same taste and imagine how boring it would be if we did:smile:
  14. Amending the don't buy the same bag rule:

    Let your friend know that you're buying that particular bag. (You're not getting their permission, but I think it would be kosher to tell her instead of showing up somewhere with that bag).
  15. Remember that not everyone is as obsessed with bags as we are, and make allowances for people who don't know that your bag is real/rare/expensive. Someone who asks if your bag is fake may not mean that as an insult.