Bag duplicates and inferno zuccas

  1. How many people own duplicates of the same bags? Does anyone own more than 2 of the same print and style? Do you ever look at them and consider selling them off to fund more Tokidoki obsession?

    I bought an inferno zucca a few months ago, and I'm in :love: with it. I recently turned a friend of mine onto Tokidoki, and she always mentioned how much she wanted my bag since she loved the zucca shape and the devil characters. Well, for her upcoming birthday, I found another inferno zucca with very similar placement for her. Except now, as luck would have it, her new favorite print is Citta Rosa :push: as much as I :heart: my friend, I'm not sure I'm willing to give up my CR zucca that took me months and months to find :shame: so I traded one of my bags for a CR gioco, her second favorite bag style. However, now I'm stuck with two inferno zuccas, with possibly a third on the way from a very sweet friend who says she bought a bag for my birthday ("It's Tokidoki, with red devils and kind of a round shape? It has a front pocket and two straps that go all the way down the front.")

    I'm in love with inferno zuccas, but I'm not sure I need 2, let alone 3! Should I sell one or two to fund my latest trasporto obsession, or keep them as 'backups'?
  2. you can either sell them and be rolling in money... or since people look for inferno zuccas a lot you can possibly hold onto them and trade for something you really really want :biggrin:
  3. Well first off, I want your friends and j/k... I dont see the point of having more then 1 of the same print and style. I would use it to trade for a bag I want and dont have or sell it and use the funds for more tokis.. :yes:
  4. We always buy each other purses for special occasions, like birthdays or the holidays :shame: we figure it's a lot easier than trying to convince significant others and spouses that we really do want that way overpriced piece of fabric. Last year, I gave LV and Burberry, and got Chloe. Tokidoki is so much less expensive :nuts:
  5. pass them over this way!!!
  6. If there's another bag you like, try to trade it for it. o-O
  7. I think you should sell them to get other prints/style. I see no point of getting multiples of the same bag and print, especially on the overpriced bagstyles and print, when you still have some other stuff your wishlist.
  8. Wow, I want ur friends! So pass that Zucca my way and I'll be happy! But you should either sell them for money or trade them with someone for something you'd die for!
  9. I guess that I'm in the minority here . I do own duplicate bags with the exact print and bag style . For instance I own two Paradiso Giocos one I bought from e-bay has my perfect print placement with the pink haired girl , the little boy painting (He reminds me of my son Mason.) the rainbow as well as the blue haired rocker boy centered perfectly at the front of the Gioco . As much as I love this bag I can't bear to use it . So when the Paradiso Gioco were still available I bought another to use . It was 25% off it does not have my perfect placement at the front it is on the back instead .I plan to get multiple bags in Trasporto . But lucky for me I don't buy every print , I tend to buy only the bags with the cute charaters not with the sexy model like girls on them . So I don't own Pirata , Citta Rosa , etc.
  10. I think I'll probably end up selling at least one and trading another. I want to see if I can get a tan pg andiamo or citta grey zucca.
  11. Good luck toki. I'm sure you will have no trouble trading or selling the Infreno Zucca . You are a lucky girl as well as a good friend !
  12. Tokidoki Momma, I did the same thing with my Paradiso Mamma Mia. The first one I bought just because it was cute. The second one has my perfect print placement - sushi boy! I only use the first one because I can't bear to put my perfect one in harm's way.
  13. Oh - my friend has two Paradiso MMs, too. Same deal - she only uses the least favorite.
    She also has two Trasporto Zuccas.
  14. Personally, I would never own more than one of the same print & style. They're too expensive for me and I waste enough money on Toki *lol*.:rolleyes: I DO have different styles though in the same print (like an Inferno Zucca & Ciao, for example). I'd suggest maybe, if you can, finding out which bag your friend like more, the Inferno Zucca or CR Gioco.

    Then sell the remaining duplicate(s) of Inferno Zucca and have some money to buy something else. :p
  15. Man soooo true. I had to "ask" my hubby if I could buy another Toki bag he just rolled his eyes at me asking why do you need another one. In the meantime, I have to "sneak" and ask my mom to cover the costs with her credit card and I pay her cash or try to pay with a money order. Pathetic I know.