'Bag du jour' crown bag

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  1. LOL i wanted this one so bad. still kinda do :ninja:

    but not for 1910. or 1377.
  2. Yeah, it shoulda been $1377 in the first place. Then marked down to $900. Thats more like it.
  3. Not my favorite, but I think some ladies could pull it off and just make it rockin'! Nice price reduction too!
  4. there will always be a soft spot in my heart for the du jour. :sad:
  5. Hey, I just saw a girl with this bag in Henri Bendel! It got my attention and I was like, hey, it's that Michael Jackson & Bubbles bag. It was blue, larger than I'd expect and GORGEOUS! I haven't seen the red one ITF, but if it's anything like that blue one, it is absolutely beautiful!
  6. Ok, after this, I'm gonna leave this thread alone! LOL! When I showed my hubby the bag, he said "who carried that? Burger King's wife"? But, like I said, saw the blue one ITF and it's really nice.
  7. My husband actually likes this bag?!?!
  8. That is so funny! :roflmfao: I still think it's cute! Just a little too loud for me. :yes:
  9. not my cup of tea
  10. Oh ... my ... there's a lot going on with that bag. :wtf: