Bag Dilemna AGAIN????

  1. Just had a call from my BV SA (whom I nag to death bless his heart) that one of the bags that I was waitlisted for from SS08 is now in. He is calling the colour peltro (not the same as from previous seasons I think) and said that this bag is available in the darker shade that I have pictured and a brighter, lighter shade which I think will be the second pic. The bag is in deerskin and is costing around 1100 GBP or 2200USD (approx). It is called the bucket bag with woven accents, I have yet to see it IRL as DH is currently down with the flu so can't rush off to BV!:sad:

    My dilemna is that I am also waitlisted for the Ottone Sloane (coming in a few weeks):yahoo: and I'm thinking do I really need 2 metallic BV's??? Which do you guys prefer, the new oxidised metallics or ottone from SS07??? All honest opinions appreciated:yes:
    oxidised bv.jpg peltro.jpg
  2. hi syma, my vote goes for the ottone sloane. a classic design with a luxurious twist - that's a combination that i say will remain well-loved for many, many years to come. while the metallic bucket is nice as well, to me it doesn't have as much of a wow-factor that an ottone sloane would have. :angel:
  3. I agree - go for the Sloane!
  4. my vote goes for the sloan as well.. and though i am leaning towards the old ottone color.. yet the new one would look so unique i bet!! and would be a fresh change from ordinary metalics colors :biggrin:
  5. Is the Peltro a dark silvery colour? If so, then do you like the gold or silver look? I prefer gold so I would say Ottone though I understand the new Cruise 2007 Ottone is a little different from the Cruise 2006 one. I would really need to see the new one. From the lookbook pic, it look rather shiny (hope it's just the pics).
  6. ^ Vanilla Addict it will be the old SS07 Ottone colour that the sloane will be available in, I got my SA to check the colour code with the stock department in Italy! I definately am going for the Ottone sloane, I've waitlisted in practically every BV boutique I know! There will only be a few limited pieces available which is why I wanted to make sure that I definately get one. There are going to be 30 Ottone Sloanes available in USA aswell. I'm just wondering if I should consider the new oxidised gold or not??? Has anyone seen it IRL?? (I know you have Uclaboi!)
  7. From the pics the Peltro looks a bit gold to me Ms Piggy,:wlae: but the SA said that it comes in a brighter version (called platinum) and a darker more burnished version, the ottone sloanes coming in for the holiday season will be the same ottone as the previous season, but there ae only going to be a few pieces available! This is what I have heard from my BV boutique and I'm pretty sure that another pfrmer also had this info from BV in Las Vegas....Can't wait!
  8. Thanks for the info. Can't wait for the Cruise items to be in!
  9. All 3 metallic colors are very nice.
    Syma - which shape of bag do you like best or find most useful? I would get the sloane first, unless you really like and want a bucket-shaped bag. BV might make other bags in the new metallic colors later on.
  10. I would definitely go for the ottone. It is just amazing! :drool::drool: And I should have kept that darn flap ottone clutch I returned.

    As for the new peltro, it looks lovely from the pics and if it's anything like the old peltro, I am sold! :love: I would definitely have to see it IRL to decide.

    I would say buy the ottone sloane first and then wait to see the resort/ spring collections before you decide on the new peltro. There may be something else that catches your eye or perhaps you can get the new peltro in an accessory. :girlsigh:
  11. Ottone sloane it is guys, but I'm going to take a peek at this new peltro IRL and report back as soon as I can. The cruise collections have hit the UK last week, I saw the multicoloured cabat last week, mmnn don't know if anyone liked the pics from the catalogue but it looked really busy IRL.
  12. Syma, the multicolored cabat looks like a beach bag; albiet a very expensive beach bag! I took your advice and decided on a sloane in Ferro for Christmas. I got home today only to find the box sitting outside covered in no less than an inch of snow/slush. Why UPS couldn't leave it under the covered porch is beyond me! Thankfully the inside Bottega box is dry...I'm under strict orders not to open till Christmas.

    NAP has a tote in the new blue for spring and also a red metallic...what do you think of the colors?
  13. just got home from bottega boutique. i was told the ottone sloane isn't happening.
    i saw the deerskin oxidized bucket at the trunk show and it is tdf. i ordered the darker color but not the bucket but the bookbag. i think that's what it's called. it is an evening clutch with a strap type of thing but fabulous.
    i saw the multicolored cabat in medium and large and it is fabulous.
    the noce nappa umbria cabat is being done again.
    ms piggy- they did have the ottone seamless clutch. apparently that is being done
  14. ^ Are you sure Annie9999, please say it isn't so!!:cry: I love the sloane style! I've had confirmation from 4 different BV boutiques that they are definately getting the ottone sloane, sometime in december or possibly at the beginning of Jan! Samuel from Sanfrancisco is evn taking orders for this bag but they want the customers to pay in advance in order to waitlist because only a few are coming to each BV boutique!

    I will check out the oxidised bag but as Uclaboi says I do prefer the sloane style to the bucket. What does the book bag look like?? Mind you my SA said that the oxidised bags are going to come in a few different styles so if the Ottone is not coming as Annie9999 said maybe I should see what other styles come in Jan.

    LLaneedle I've checked out the new NAP bags, I love the deep blue on the Roma bag! and the metallic red seems really fun as well but the colour is a bit too loud for me. I wonder if the blue will come in other styles as well, it reminds me of a Carribean ocean! BTW congrats on your ferro Sloane, it will be TDF!
  15. Syma, sometimes the order might differ from continent to continent so here in Europe, we might get the Ottone Sloane.

    My vote goes to Slaone, too, simply because it`s a fully woven piece in an absolutely unique color. I like the new oxidised color but am not such a big fan of "plain" Bottegas. It does have some swirl-accents in woven leather though, but that looks a little odd, I have to admit.