bag dilemmas....take my poll please

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  1. i messed up on the poll and can't seem to fix it nemore so i guess no poll.....but would still love ur opinions..... :sad2: .....would help if u could rank the bags in order of ur preferences.....or even if u think they're all hideous, would still love to hear it

    so i've been thinking of buying myself a new bag.....and i've found a few older chanel pieces of like.....and then there's chloe......and LV.......i'm a huge LV lover and my collection is mostly LV right now so i've been wanting to branch off but it's hard....feel like i should have every LV bag every made but i also want to have a few chanel bags just because they're classic.....and so here are the options.....hopefully one of these will be my new baby sometime soon......

    the first photo is of a red patent leather Chanel clutch and a black velvet CHanel back with some type of V pattern

    the second photo is of a tan Chloe Silverado and a baby silver paddington (tho i want anthracite)

    and the last photo is of a perforated LV bag with pink backing i think.....probably won't get this particular shape but the LV option would be one of the bags from their perforated monogram canvas line with a pink backing....probably a small bag.....i have a few limited edition LV's and if this turns out to be limited i feel like i should be getting it......

    so please let me know what u ladies think :worried:

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  2. the new perforated LV's are very interesting.
    If you collect LV then I would expect that should be at the top of your list.

    As a silverado owner I highly reccomend the bag, and I love the tan.
    The silverado is not a small bag though, if that is what you wanted.

    1 - LV perf
    2 - tan Silverado
  3. 1) Silverado
    2) Chanel
    3) Louis Vuitton

    I ranked Louis lower since you can pick up a lot of limited edition pieces later for cheaper. Plus I've actually already seen fakes of the hole-y Louis on ebay (they were quite good actually, I was impressed !). I think you'd get a lot mroe wear out of a Silverado or a Chanel, which is never going to go out of style. :smile:
  4. what do you need the bag for? is it a bag you need to use in the evening, to go out in the day or what? the silverado and the chanel pieces are 2 different things.
    if i were you, i'd leave the paddy, i think it has already made its days (never really loved it anyway)...if you neeh a more casual bag,, go for the silverado, otherwise go for the chanel.
    i hate monogram bags, so i could never tell you 'go for the LV':lol:
  5. i don't relaly need a bag for anything......i just want a new bag so i don't need for it to serve a particular purpose....i guess that's kinda why i have so many choices and i'm all over the place.....
  6. chanel
  7. Ditto Greenie's rankings.
  8. for those that prefer the chanel.......patent leather or velvet? :biggrin:
  9. I too have a hard time branching away from LV, but I really love the Silverado, the only Chloe that moves me. So that would be my first choice then the Chanel.
  10. thanks all for ur opinions....would love to continue hearing from u.....seems like many of u lean towards chanel so since i couldn't figure out the poll this time around there's another poll in a different thread just about the chanels....
  11. Chanel (patent is fun, velvet is classic)