Bag Dilemma

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  1. I bought a College bag with black hardware and chain and going through some postings I’ve read there are chipping problems with this metal. Has anyone NOT have a problem? Seriously thinking of returning it and need some input. Thx
  2. Yes, I have a medium college w/black hardware and have not had any chipping problems.
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  3. For those of you had the black hardware for a while now please update us on the wear and tear?! Any chipping ?!
  4. I’ve had mine since 2016 (??) and I only had a faint chipping on the YSL logo, I emailed customer service and they took the bag in and sorted it almost on the same day I wrote to them. Perfect service. Since then I have not had any other issues with the black hardware. I think the YSL logo is most prone to chipping due to going against other objects, so just be aware of that and you will probably be fine. I ride a bike to work everyday and as the chain doesn’t go xbody I place my bag in the metal basket in front of my bike. So I don’t baby my bag too much and it’s still pristine. Hope this helps.
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  5. Thank you so much for the update. It is so nice to know that you didn’t baby the bag and it still stands the test of time...
    This is going to be my first Saint Laurent so I’m cautious about this purchase. Your positive feedback about the customer service is crucial for me to make the decision, I know I can always count on my TPF fellow for the most honest opinion...
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  6. Thank you for the update. I’ll definitely make sure not to rub/scrape the hardware against rough surfaces. I’m in love with YSL black bags with black hardware. I am thinking of adding another LouLou bag with black hardware. :smile:
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  7. YSL black leather with black hardware is so nice! Ive been eyeing the Loulou bag but since I already have the collage in black I’m going for the grey with silver hw but if I didn’t have it already I would order the black on black in a second. This is how my large black on black college looks today. No scratches to hw it’s just how the light hits it. IMG_7271.jpg
  8. It’s such a gorgeous, gorgeous bag! May I ask you why you chose the large over medium? I’m having a hard time deciding. They both fit my daily essentials. I thought I wanted medium because I’m 5’0 tall (153cm) but I loved the proportions of the large better and it seemed to look better on me. It also has a shorter strap too which I liked.
  9. I chose the large mainly due to two reasons:
    - I already owned the LV pochette Metis which is “similar” in look and the compartments as the medium College
    - the medium college strap was way to long on me (I’m 163cm). I could only wear it xbody, on one shoulder it would hit me too far down to what I like.

    I like the shorter strap on the large as it’s not “too much” chain as the medium and it is actually the bag of all I own that sits like a glove on my shoulder when I wear it.
  10. Thanks so much! I love the look of the large but was wondering if I should go for medium as it seems to be a very popular size. I think the large will be good for weekends too, it doesn’t seem very ‘big’ or ‘large’ :smile:
  11. I have had my SL WOC in black w/ black hardware for over 3 years and I have had no issues with it. I read a bit about the quality of the bags going downhill after Hedi Slimane left as creative director in 2016, but I purchased a LouLou backpack in December and it's held up great. I use my black/black WOC almost every time I go out or to any nighttime event and I haven't had a single issue with chipping. Hope this helps!