Bag Dilemma


Cuddly Bag Monkey
Jul 20, 2007
Hi boys & girls! I desperately need advice from you clear thinkers! Please help me out!!!

In a moment of pure insanity, I told my sweet DH who offered to gift me both the Tivoli GM & Beverly GM for XMAS that I would only "need" one bag :wtf::wtf::wtf: My thinking was, I love both but it wouldn't kill me to have one first & wait another few months for the other. It seemed such a practical thing to do at the time but now my problem is I can't make up my mind.
I should have kept my mouth shut :noggin:but since I didn't, I want to stick to my guns and prove to my hubby that I do have some self-control.

What to do??? Which one to pick??? The Tivoli is hot, new, & I've been in LVoe with it since August. But since it's one of the less expensive bags on my wish list I feel that I'm letting the DH off easy (for an XMAS gift). The Beverly GM has been a long time love & has a super-practical outside pocket. But if I choose that one, I think I'll suffer from extreme Tivoli envy until I buy it myself (& I have to wait a few months so DH doesn't get offended that I turned him down & went to get it myself). LV shopping day with DH is looming me think clearly and figure this out y'all...TIA.
Sep 24, 2006
The Golden State
Yikes --- what a dilemma this is! I agree --- you should have kept your mouth shut (lol), but I admire your self-control. Since you will feel that your husband will be "let off easy" for your Christmas gift if you get the Tivoli GM, why don't you get the Beverly GM first? That'll be an extremely nice Christmas present and as much as you'll suffer from Tivoli GM envy, you may not even have to wait that long since Valentine's Day is a few weeks afterwards. LOL Just trying to figure out the fastest way you can get both bags! Your husband may even surprise you earlier!

One way or another, you will end up with both bags, so I say congratulations!!!


Lovin My Little Girl
May 23, 2007
Well.... hmmmm... maybe you can tell him that you would love to have both, and then let him go from there! Maybe he will get both, or he'll pick on for you, since you want both anyway!


Jul 30, 2007
oh my gosh I could never have just said one! good for you! I would go with the Tivoli...I like the look much better, and I really dislike the big strap that goes over the Manhattan GM. Let us know what you get!


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Sep 24, 2007
Doll Divas :)
It sounds like you've been wanting the Beverly for some time and wouldn't mind going on waiting a bit longer, as long as you know you will be getting it ... whereas a big part of the appeal of the Tivoli is that it's hot right now, and the longer you wait for it, the less hot it will be. I'm just getting the impression here that if the Handbag Fairy waved her wand and both bags appeared in front of you, right now ... you'd reach for the Tivoli first. Yes? :graucho:


Nov 17, 2007
well i vote tivoli but b4 you do anything drastic take a big breath and lose control and get them both, ur hubby probably loves you despite your lv craziness and is expecting it. thats what mine does


Fill the Giant Pig!
Nov 7, 2006
Cajun Country
I'd let dh get the Beverly GM for you since that has been on your wishlist longer. The Tivoli will be around when you are ready to get your next bag.
What a pleasant dilemna! :smile:


Aug 15, 2006
I say get the Beverly GM first then the Tivoli. I was not a huge fan of the beverly's until I saw a girl in LV with the Beverly GM and it was gorgeous and it totally changed my mind about them.
I admire your willpower telling your DH that only one would be nice but let's rethink that next time, OK?? I tried to practice self control and my DH said I could get the damier speedy a few weeks ago but I went with the Trunks agenda instead saying I really don't need another bag. Seriously, what the hell was I thinking?? I know better now


Aug 13, 2007
I would also go with tivoli and maybe charm him into getting a wallet too for the price difference between that and the bev GM. Good luck!