Bag Dilemma

  1. Dilemma. I realized that I really miss having a bang-around bag -- just something to throw over my shoulder and go. I'm thinking about a Chanel Cabas, but wanted to see if anyone had any H suggestions. My Evelyne isn't big enough and the Plume is a bit too structured. GP isn't really my style and I'm not a fan of the Picotin. What to do?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated (including, specifically re: the Cabas)...

    Thank you!
  2. Massai?
  3. Perhaps you might consider a Trim II. Lots of room, sturdy, easy style to wear.
  4. Herbag? Casual and throwaroundy style...
  5. My now perfect travel and around-town bag...MASSAI... Used her on Maui this week...fabulous!!! And she looks great in the city, too!!!
  6. Massai or Trim II 35cm!
  7. I use my Barenia Trim II for exactly the purpose you describe. Here it is on one of those days I just needed to make a dash to the's the perfect casual, grab-n-go bag, IMO!!!!
  8. I too vote for a Trim II. Looks effortless and is chic and easy to use.
  9. Massai isn't really my style, but I will definitely investigate the Trim. How did I forget about Trim??
  10. Shopmom, you are my role model! This photo and the ICONIC Shopmom croc kelly plus jeans!!! :heart:
  11. Trim II, for sure!
  12. I'd like to suggest Massai but if it's not your style then forget it..Second is another vote for the Trim II 35.
  13. There is also the Gao and the Berlingot!
  14. What's the difference b/n trim and trim II ?
  15. How about a Gao?