Bag dilemma: Grey Stamped PM vs. White Priscilla


Grey Stamped PM vs. White Priscilla

  1. Grey Stamped PM

  2. White Multicolore Priscilla

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  1. Which would you choose and why?
  2. I said grey stamped just because I don't see enough of the other styles out there that aren't multicolor, or monogram......I think we should all mix it up!:yahoo:

    + this bag is very classy and definetely in vogue, could also be a work bag for a professional job!
  3. Why? Because she's just beautiful. I think a picture of her is sufficient enough to prove so.
    I am planning to get Priscilla after my vacation in December. Ugh that's a long time to wait! :sad:
  4. i have the Gray Stamped PM and i LOVE it. it's limited edition so it might better to get that one first. you can get the Priscilla any other time (and i might add that if you want a Multicolore bag you can consider the Trouville; it's not very common either :graucho:)
  5. i already have a trouville in black but thanks for the suggestion!
  6. i like the stamped pm better for u even though i love my priscilla a lot but the stamped is limited n u already have another samped piece
  7. I'd go with the Priscilla, the Stamped line wasn't really my favorite.
  8. The Priscilla is one of my favorite bags in the MC line. It's so pretty! The Grey Stamped is a great bag too, but not to fond of the exterior suede. I'm clumsy and not too careful with my bags.
  9. Priscilla!
  10. Stamped if there is ever a choice between 2 or more bags always go L E you can get the other later
  11. I would choose the Stamped PM
  12. I'd pick Priscilla.

    Actually, I planned on buying it last year, but I have bought 6 other lv bags already this year. haven't bought Priscilla yet, hopefully by the end of this year, I'll bring her home.
  13. I like both bags but I have the priscilla on my wishlist. It's such a cute and uncommon bag.
  14. The priscilla is a beautiful bag and has such a unique shape!
  15. What's a gray stamped PM? I'm intrigued...