Bag dilemma - Going on a cruise! Suggestions?

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I'm going on a two week cruise next month to Spain, Italy, France and Greece. There's going to be a lot of walking around, and it's going to be darn hot! I was thinking about the closetful of bags I own - all leather, oversized, and all really heavy - totally not suited for my trip! I am thinking I really need something that's light - maybe nylon? I thought a Stella McCartney for LeSportsac might be a good way to go. I'd really like to find one on sale, but they are hard to find. Especially since I live in Canada, which restricts me even more since a lot of online stores don't ship here.

    Does anyone have some good suggestions for a great all-purpose, lightweight handbag? I don't want it to be too small as I'd like to be able to carry a 500 ml. bottle of water, my camera, sunscreen, glasses, a travel book, etc. I just figure with the amount of junk I throw in there, it will be heavy enough already! The one thing is, I would like to find a bag that closes securely. Nothing that can allow a hand to dart in and grab a wallet! :nono:

    Also - I have to attend some dinners on "formal nights" on the cruise, but I have no real evening purses. Does anyone have any suggestions for a small evening bag that's reasonably priced. (considering i'm only using it for this occasion.) I don't like clutches, so I'd like maybe something with a chain, long strap?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :graucho:
  2. a longchamp le pliage is perfect for this type of travel. you can pick the size that works best for you, it's light and easily cleanable, and zips up. and if you like fun colors, you can pick an exciting color too.
  3. I second the longchamp (which you could even buy overseas for cheaper) or maybe a coach swingpack?
  4. Interesting! It's so chic. I don't know if I'm stylish enough to wear this. Especially if I'm wearing Pumas that day. lol...

    I'm also suspicious of double handles. I dislike anything that falls down. How do these handles fare?

    Did you mean this style?

    This hobo style might work. A little pricier though:

    I'm going to do more investigating, thanks for the mention!

    Please, keep the suggestions coming! :smile:


    HH makes a great looking nylon crossbody that may be perfect for your vacation days.
  6. I've got no problems with the double handles (your first link) when I wear mine, and I typically wear them with jeans/shorts, a t-shirt and sneakers. The best part is that they fold up, so they take very little room in a suitcase!
  7. I just came back from a mediterranean cruise and a few things-
    You will be out from 7:30am-6pm on excursions. You need something lightweight and theft-proof. I used a longchamp les pliages smaller sized bag - it was big enough for my camera, water, phone, snack, sunblock, lipbalm, notebook, etc (ps, you do not need to walk around with your passport - leave in safe on ship), cardigan for when you enter churches, etc. If I was taller, I would have wanted a longchamp cross body bag that retails for 195 (not the smallest messenger, but the one with an outside pocket). We didn't have issues with pick pockets but you need to be extremely careful. I wouldn't recommend taking a big bag or anything with loose handles that might slip off your shoulders, and it should zip securely across. It was PACKED everywhere we went.

    For night, I just carried an old LV pochette around with my key card and a lip gloss.

    I also used a prada cross body nylon bag that I had for some days when I felt like I needed to take less "stuff" with me.

    You will have a great time! Have fun!
  8. OK so this is probably not the idea of fashionable but there are a lot of pick pockets in European tourist areas especially several countries you mentioned. I took a similar trip and decided on a Pac Safe bag, they have great hidden security features and some styles are more sporty but others are normal looking purses - follow the link

  9. Great idea. Might be especially good for Barcelona, which I heard is pretty bad for pickpockets. Definitely going to check this out! thx! :graucho:
  10. While on the ship you really don't carry much. I know when I am on the ship I only really carry my room key.
  11. Something cross-body, nylon is the lightest, and definitely zips, even at that, the pickpockets are so smooth they can unzip your bag in a flash. My friend had her bag cross-body, zipped and looked down to see a woman with her hand already in her bag, luckily she caught her, but she was very smooth (Barcelona).
    The Pac-safe above might be a good choice.
  12. I just came back from Portugal and the large pliage worked out perfectly.
    I also brought my balenciaga day but I only ended up using her 1 day because the Pliage is so much lighter carry around, the double strap did not slip at all. I used a purseket, so I was able to find everything in the bag easily. In addition, there are no worries if you need to set your bag down on the ground because you can easily wipe the whole bag down.