Bag Dilemma.......Denim Cabby, Denim Baggy or Denim Speedy

  1. Which bag would you suggest???

    I love all three of these styles.

    I just can't make up my mind and was hoping that the tpf could help.
  2. What's the dilema? Get all 3! :p

    All kidding aside... which one would you use more?

    Just going off your screen name, I think the cabby since you can wear it on your shoulder/across the body to chase the kiddos around.
    My Speedy is hard to handle when I have 3 kids hanging off of me.
  3. Ask yourself what you want out of it functionally because they are all very different.

    I carried my lichen neo speedy to work today and damn I LOVE it. But I also love handheld bags.

    I have heard the Cabby can tend toward the heavy side.
  4. Baggy it's being discontinued the other aren't so you can always get them later. plus I love the baggy
  5. Well I do like big bags; so that is where the Cabby GM would be great.

    Love the look of the Speedy; it is so cute and as for the Baggy pm or gm I love that style because it is big and also has the extra pockets like the speedy.

  6. I love all of them too... :graucho: Neo Speedy is such a stylish bag so you definitely should get one. But, if you are looking for a shoulder bag, then I'd pick Neo Cabby since it is new and so chic.
  7. If you are a Mom as your user indicates you may be, I would go with the Cabby because it can be used as BOTH a handbag and shoulderbag since it comes with a shoulder strap as well! I am partial to the NEO speedy though; however, I do not have any children and much prefer handbags. Go with your first gut instinct! Make sure you go to LV in person and try all 3 styles on, you will know then for sure which is the best for you!
  8. Is there enough room in the neo speedy to carry my denim zippy wallet and a speedy pm key chain??? Is it a roomy bag and easy to get in and out of???
  9. Yes and yes. It's a speedy -- it has a lot of room. I carried mine today and it has my koala wallet, my small agenda, my mini pochette, cellphone, keys, groom cles, AND a paperback novel inside, all with room to shift around.
  10. CABBY because you can wear it on your shoulder or handheld :biggrin:
  11. Agreed. Plus it's just so darn pretty :love:
  12. I love the Cabby.
  13. the denim speedy will hold as much as a speedy 25... TONS
    PTI wallet, agenda, makeup case, 2 cell phones, papers, slim fast
  14. The baggy pm is great because it is so comfortable and it's being discontinued, so hurry and buy one! ;)
  15. Get the baggy, its a great shape and its being discontinued so you may never get the chance to get it again