1. Greetings from Canada.

    So I have yet to own a burberry bag and my parents are going to Europe for 3 weeks in May and mom has hinted that if I wanted a burberry bag for Christmas I could get one because they'll be in London.

    Now, I'm not into big bags because the bigger the bag, the more stuff I'll weigh it down with :smile: So basically I'd like ideas on small shoulder bags by Burberry. I figure that because she's in London, I should be able to get pretty much any Burberry bag I want. That the collection there will be bigger than the US one online.

    Here are the ones I like so far, and if you have them, could you tell me how you like them, size wise, carrying capacity, etc. I only plan on carring a small wallet, some lipgloss and keys, so size really isn't the issue.


    Purse # 1: Nova Check Sling Bag
    Purse # 2: Small Check bag (basically the same as Nova, just different pattern, same size, etc.)
    Purse # 3: Classic Check B24 PNY Sling (not sure if this is even a real design, I saw it on Designer Imports....looks real but not too sure)
  2. I think the Nova check sling bag is super cute. I have been eyeing this one myself![​IMG]
    I have a pochette style one that I bought at the outlets in December-brown is the name on the tag. Love it-
  3. Can you please post pics of the other two?