bag de jour

  1. Does anyone have a pic someone wearing this bag? I was thinking about possibly getting one. Can it be worn over the shoulder? Any other feedback would be appreciated, too. Thanks!:p
  2. L - I don't have a modeling pix, but I have the Grande Large size Bag de Jour and it fits over the shoulder with room to sprae. Also hand held it is nice...:yes:
  3. I have a small Bag de Jour and I can fit it over my shoulder but its a snug fit.
  4. I love the Bag De Jour. Definitely on my to get list. I probably love it cos I love handcarry bags and cos of the bubbly nappy leather... Yum!
  5. I have the large DeJour bag and it will fit on the shoulder and is equally great in the hand..
  6. It is a very cute and great bag.
  7. ooh this bag is a VERY good fit! it's my ideal size for a handbag (medium one). i tried the medium one on today at the store and it def fits over the shoulder and is easily accessible when trying to take out a wallet or whatever. HTH! :smile:
  8. i just sold my de jour (pony hair tiger print) and am wanting a leather de jour. mine was a medium and very much fit on my shoulder and was a very roomy bag. i'd like a bit larger one next time around to carry when i travel. my large b bag wants a break as a laptop case!