Bag crosslisted on two sites

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  1. I found an LV bag that I've been wanting on Portero and Malleries. It's weird that they're the exact same bag because their serial numbers are the same. Is this a normal thing? According to Portero this bag is coming from Japan but from Malleries, it didn't say anything like that. Thanks for your help in advance.
  2. Yes, it's just two selling sites--some big resellers don't list their stuff in one place only. You'll also see some sellers listing their items on eBay and Bonanza at the same time.
  3. The "serial numbers" on LV bags aren't really serial numbers. They're date codes. It is theoretically possible for more than one bag to have the same date code if they were made on the same date. However, it may be that the same bag is being listed on two different sites, especially if there photos in the listings are the same.
  4. The seller name is usually the same - across selling platforms - if it's the same seller.

    If not - then it's possible that one of the sellers has stolen photos from the other.

    Or - only one of the sellers is in possession of the bag - but the other seller has permission to sell the same bag w/photos given to him/her (since this seller is typically not in possession of the bag).

    All of these scenarios are possible.

  5. Thanks for your reply. I purchased it from the Portero website which is a legitimate one that's been vetted by many TPF members.
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    For anyone else reading this thread... Protero - like Malleries - is a selling platform - not unlike Bonanza or eBay. While both sites are legitimate - tpfers have varying experiences/recommendations re: specific sellers that sell on either or both platforms. So... for anyone considering a purchase through Protero or Malleries - searching by specific seller, may yield more useful experiences/recommendations - than searching by platform.