Bag Contest Winners!

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  1. Congratulations to "emknott1" Michele who won the moss green Princess waist bag from LaNeige Purses!

    Today, once the Christmas craze settles a little, I'll be randomly picking who's gonna be the lucky winner of the baby blue Empress!

    Good luck, and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Eve! :amuse::nuts:
  2. Happy holidays to you, Vlad!
  3. Yes, happy holidays and good luck to everyone! :biggrin:
  4. Thanks so much! I've never won anything this exciting before! Can't wait to see who else wins!
  5. I ran a random number generator and it selected the #11 post in the contest thread, which means that USCGerl is the lucky winner of our LaNeige Countess in Baby Boy Blue bag! Congratulations!
  6. congrats you two!
  7. Congratulations USCGerl!:nuts:
  8. Congrats to both winners !!
  9. Congrats
  10. Congrats to both of you!
  11. Ladies I will be sending the bags on Thursday (I'm a little behind schedule but they will make it to you soon, I promise!!!) Congrats again and the rest of you still have plenty of chances to win!!
  12. Congrats you two!!!
  13. Yay. . I've never won anything in my life. . .I absolutely love this site!!!