Bag Color wearing off

  1. My bag is losing its color! Can anyone recommend a company that would re-dye leather handbags? Has anyone had this done? If so, did you like your results??

    Help me save my bag!!
  2. You can try You could give them a call and explain your problems. They will tell you if they can take care of it. Good luck!
  3. ^^^That's the only place I know of. I've never had a bag redyed, but they seem to do an excellent job.
  4. I've noticed that no matter where you get a bag dyed, including, the leather texture will change and become more stiff. I've also heard of complaints of strong chemical smells after redying. Good luck!
  5. Out of curiosity, who makes your bag?
  6. Is your bag suede?
  7. The bag isn't suede. The color is a mess :sad:
    Has anyone ever used Lovinmybags? I know there might be changes in the leather, but I don't have another option, at least I don't think I do.

    It is a Francesco Biasia bag and they refuse to offer any assistance which made me very upset. I just wonder if the bag is worth the cost to re-dye it.