Bag Collection- what do you think? :)

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  1. Here is the portion of my collection that I keep at my apartment. I'll post the rest later (they're at my mom's)
  2. Nice, i have that same Dior bag!
  3. very cute! thanks for sharing =)
  4. nice collection, thanks for sharing
  5. I think, you have fabulous bags! Great collection!!!
  6. your collection is lovely!
  7. Thank you, everyone! My bags pale in comparison to some of your wonderful collections, but now that tPF has strengthened my obsession with bags, I'm "motivated" to get more :P
  8. Beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing
  9. Beautiful.Is the white bag Gucci???Love it
  10. great collection, nice variety!
  11. thanks again, everyone! you're all so sweet :P

    karrey, the white bag is a Luelle Giselle- got it a few years ago, but still love it!
  12. Gorgeous collection, I love that white one as well!
  13. Gorgeous collection!!!
  14. :yes:

  15. Woops. I meant to say "Luella." I'm such a typo-freak. :Push: