Bag club with Hermes for sale at below retail?

  1. I recently received an email from someone on eBay who wanted to buy one of my birkins on auction. She tried to low ball me on the price and added the following statement which I find a little puzzling as I was not aware that there is a club that sells NEW birkin bags for $7K. Anyway, her exact words were-

    (start quote)"...I belong to a club where I can find authentic brand new 2006 Birkin bags for $7,000, although they are not the color of my choice. Therefore, do not feel offended by my asking. I understand very well that you do not want to part with your bag for this price.

    Since I can afford to buy only one Birkin bag. I want to make sure that it is the combination that I want: the right color, right leather type, right hardware, right age and condition, and right price.
    Good luck with selling your bag." (end quote)

    Has anyone heard of such a club? Even from boutique, the bags retail for over $7K. :s Or is this ebayer just b-sing me...
  2. I have not. Sounds rather strange to me. She says she can only afford one Birkin, so I am wondering how she got into this "club" ....
  3. ... sounds fishy..
  4. club? sounds very shady if you ask me...:shrugs: :s

    but if there is such a club - sign me in!!! jk:roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  5. hopefully she's not talking about THIS club!
  6. I essentially function as a very private art dealer. If you can find me, I can locate most anything you'd want, but it will cost you. Because I stay private, I don't experience a dilemma like your email often, but it seriously steams me when I do.

    Contacting you with a story of "well, I can buy it cheaper, I just don't want to" is odd, even if it were to be true. The idea behind that statement that I find a bit off-putting is that they CAN buy it cheaper, but they'd much rather buy cheaper from me, i.e, implying that my time and investment aren't worth what I say they're worth. I usually tell these clients in an absolutely unemotional, noncommital tone, "wish you well, go with god, best of luck," etc, then I end the business relationship. If they could really and truly get what they wanted cheaper, they wouldn't have sought me out in the first place.

    All about bags, my digression above is to explain why your story is sending up all sorts of red flags for me at the moment. I'm not trying to tell YOU what to do, but I know I'D stay far away.

    Her story about a buying club sounds like baloney to me.
  7. Just sounds like a weak story.

    Remember that the American ave. intelligence is about 100, so there's quite a few under that helping to balance out the scales.... :jammin:
  8. I've found people are full of stories/comparisons when trying to buy. This is a lowballing tactic and knowing Hermes like we do you know the facts. If she wishes to pay a "lower" price then she can do so. I would just stick firm to whatever price you have and maybe even try to avoid her as she's likely to be a problem later if you know what I mean. Sometimes a buyer follows through on a sale only to leave you damning praise in feedback when they were so difficult to begin with that you regret the whole thing.

    Perhaps she is referring to being able to "buy from the factory directly from employees/craftsmen" which is one I've heard more than once and which we all know to be blatantly false.
  9. Angelfish, you answer is priceless. Thanks for a chuckle.
  10. Hmmmmm.....just delete her email and don't think twice about it. GGA's post is right on......your time is money and we all know what these bags are worth. Those who can afford to buy, buy. Those who can't, try these tactics....OR want to buy cheap in order to sell with a slight premium later. DELETE!
  11. Well, I agree that the story sounds fishy and have just ignored her email - not even worth responding to. Because, really, if somebody or some club has AUTHENTIC H birkins selling for $7k a piece, I am sure we would all be sprinting to be first on the line to buy it! Or at least I WOULD! :smile:

    Thank you ladies for all your comments and advice.

    P.S. Angelfish - your comment reminds me of one of my fave books - Darwin Awards. (hehehe!)
  12. my reply would go something like this:

    "dear cookie-poo -- i know EXACTLY what you mean, as i'm selling this one because the color's just not right for me. anyway, i'd love to be able to buy a birkin or two to replace this one that i never use, so if you can get me the membership information for that club i'd be happy to sell you this one at the same price."

  13. She's probably a reseller trying to lower your price so she can resell. Perhaps she thinks if she sends these messages out to enough people - someone might bite.