Bag Cleaning

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  1. I have some small dark/white spots on one of the girls and one of the sharks on my pirata dolce. I was wondering what I could use to wipe these stains off? I don't want to damage the bag, obviously, and these marks are driving me nuts~ :tdown:
  2. I used one of those Tide pens to remove some kind of black stain (I'm thinking it was mascara) and it took right off. You could probably use one of those Shout wipes too.
  3. Maybe try alcohol-free baby wipes. I don't know if it will work... but they're so gentle... it shouldn't do any harm. That's what I use to clean my LV vachetta.
  4. Thanks so much guys~ I'm gonna get right to work on it. It's too bad I don't have one of those pens, but I do have a stash of baby wipes that I'll dig out.
  5. I have been using the Tide pen as well as the Mr. Clean magic eraser** this thing works wonders!!:tup:
  6. i've used both tide pen and magic eraser on my bags and i highly reccomend it. but the most important thing is SCOTCH GUARD! after you scotch guard you bag and let it dry you can wipe any new stains off with a damp paper towel. the thing is, the bag has to be prinstinely cleaned before hand or any old stains will be permanantly sealed in.

  7. omg I was thinking about how to clean my Zucca. I think I've been using it a lot and one side of it is turning black on it. I think I might try what you guys have recommended. I want my bag to look clean again... hehehe Thanks Guys!
  8. I used to have a Tide pen until the tip broke off ... I'm gonna buy one of these magic eraser things. The name sounds cool .. lol .. magic eraser
  9. I've been hearing about the Scotchguard thing, is it any old can of scotchguard or is there a specific kind. Do you just spray the bag before using it? Any tips or hints? My first toki is set to arrive on Thurs :graucho:
  10. I Scotch Guard all my bags the minute I get them, but they still stain slightly. :sad: None are big stains, more like the dye from my clothes rubbing of on them. Shout wipes officially don't work on them, but my next try will be Magic Eraser.
  11. I've been pretty bad with this ... I haven't scotch guarded any of my bags. I just take them out and use them. I guess for any future bags I will def. scotch guard ... especially the paradiso and l'amore ones!