bag cleaning in Hermes HK - which branch pls?

  1. Hi folks in HK!

    I'd like to bring a couple of bags to HK for cleaning/refurbishing at Hermes.
    Wondering which branch would be best to go to?

    Many thanks in advance,
  2. One of the bags is a vintage Trim... In a previous thread ("Hermes repair/refurbish policy"), a PFer mentioned that a HK Hermes boutique had said that the store would not accept vintage bags for refurbishing. Is this really true? =(
  3. to anyone interested -- Hermes shop at the Galleria, HK, took in my vintage white Trim (pre-date stamp) for refurb quotation.
  4. It's probably me! Thats what I encountered. Lucky that you got yours in.
  5. ^^^^^That's really odd! They're supposed to refurbish any bag regardless of age. Perhaps a letter to 24 Faubourg is in order?
  6. my peko - yes, i meant your post... maybe you can try again? i recall you mentioned that you had asked theoretically. maybe if you actually bring the bag it'll be fine...