Bag cleaning help needed

  1. I'm new here, so first of all I want to say hi to everyone. *waves*
    This seems like a great place.

    Here's the deal:

    Bought a purse of Ebay. It was advertised as new, but I have my doubts. The hardware on the lock was scratched(no biggie, but not what I would expect on a "new bag") and dirty and it won't close all that well(frame bag with kisslock). Any ideas on how to tighten the lock?
    The rest of the hardware is filthy as well. It's smudged with....something..(I'm afraid to think of what it could be)

    Also...The smell...I'm not sure if it's a factory smell or if the bag has actually been carried, but it has this sickeningly sweet smell - almost like overly ripe bananas.
    I have the bag out to air, but so far it's not helping much.

    What to do, what to do... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Contact the seller and return the bag? If you feel that you have been misrepresented to, you should return it and ask for a refund. I would contact the seller rightaway and highlight these problems.
  3. I would, but the seller is suddenly NARU. *what a shocker*

    Also, the cost of sending the bag from Norway and to the US would probably be more than the bag is worth.
  4. How to clean it depends on what is dirty. Is it the leather? The monogram? What bag are we talking about here?

    I've used coffee grounds in a sachet to help clean out smells. I find it takes awhile, because the coffee smell lingers. Charcoal is also supposed to work well.
  5. Like I said it's the hardware that is dirty and scratched(probably nothing much to do about scratches) + kisslock pops open a little too easily.
    The bag itself is ok apart from that horrid smell.
  6. First try a baby wipe on the hardware, then use a good brand metal cleaner. For the smell, I have read the following, I think on this forum, so you can search the forum for threads on removing odors from handbags. but this is what I read,
    apart from airing it,
    Coffe:- to put coffee beans ground or not in a open zip lock bag assuring that they cannot spill, inside the bag, insert the bag in a plastic box or bag and keep in there for a few days.....cannot remember for how long!-supposedly it will absorb the smell and the coffee smell left can be aired out quickly.

    The other would be more or less the same with an open box of baking soda.
    What I have used is the charcoal used in fish tanks and aquariums and again closing the bag inside a plastic bag and in my case it worked.
  7. Hi,
    That is not a good experience...sorry to hear about it!!.:cry:
    I will check with Gary, a leather specialist for over 30 years, I know he has the answer for the smell. He deals with chemicals relating to leather everyday... Because bags come in various types of leather, I want to make sure you get the right info for your handbag...
    A great cleaner that removes all kinds of dirt on leather can be found at (It smells nice too!)
    I will have a step by step solution regarding the smell...hang in there...we'll help ya out!!! That's what a PURSE forum's for !!!:flowers:
  8. If hardware is to scratched, you can always have it replated by a professional or if you have the boutique that sells your purse they can have it done and clean the purse.
  9. Hi ...I am back! Talked to Gary he suggests the following:
    To get rid of the smell: place a container of baking soda in the purse (the more surface area the more the baking soda will absorb). Heat will help to release the odor, so have it in a hot place (but not in direct sunlight) You may have to replace the baking soda a couple of times. Once you are feel that the odor has been diminished, you can spray some Febreeze inside the handbag, but avoid getting it ON the leather.
    All the very best...!!
  10. Thank you, guys! I really appreciate all your suggestions.

    Has anyone tried to tighten a kisslock? I'm a little afraid that it will break if I try to bend it.....