Bag choices!

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  1. Okay, I seriously need help here. I am trying to decide what I want the last bag of the year to be, since I've been a little out of control lately:lol:

    So here are my options. I'm on the waitlist for a black paddington satchel right now.

    Next there is the Chanel 2.55 in the second to largest size in gray.


    And the new Fendi Spy in Gold thats coming out around the time the Chanel and the Chloe will become available. Don't have a pic of the gold spy since it didn't come out yet:Push:

    I'm not sure which one to get, any help would be great! I'm just so bag confused right now!:wacko:
  2. Don't you already have 3 or 3 spy bags already? If so I would totally go for the Chloe' or the Channel. The paddington is a large bag like your Spy's soooo I would say go for the Chanel as it is more unique than other purses in your collection and WOW I love that silver color!!!! Of course, you probabaly get more functionality from one of the other bags, but then agian you have so many bags, you can get on just cause it is so beautiful and unique!
  3. haha no, I have one spy. I had to exchange it because there were spots on the first one I bought. My SA told me to wait for the gold color thats coming out instead of getting another peanut butter spy.

    I like the Chanel as well and am thinking of going that route, or just getting 2, but even if I get 2 its still so hard to choose! If I go that route it'll be the paddington and the Chanel or the paddy and the Spy, help!
  4. Well, the Chanel is a classic choice that will never go out of style, and it's quite different than the other bags you've picked up lately. I don't know how widely available the 2.55's are, but the silver is definitely a nice color.
  5. Noriko!! You will totally need to buy 2 bags & they would have to be the Chanel 2.55 & the gold Spy!!
  6. Chanel....:love:
  7. haha I see a lot of people like the Chanel! Does anyone have it and can post pics? I'm also wondering if it stands or when I put it down if I have to pay it down flat.

    The white is looking soooo good too!


    I'm afraid it'll get dirty fast though.
  8. The white Chanel :love:
  9. I am going to say the chanel all so , since u all ready have a spy , and the bags u have gotten lately ( what we have saw ) are regular everyday bags ( as in very versatile ) i would get something more jazzy like the 2.55. Hope that helps
  10. Go gray/silver. Timeless classic and so rich looking! White would get dirty easy and you would'nt be able to carry it around year long.

    I am so envious of you.:idea: I needed to buy a silver evening bag to go with a silver seguined top that I am wearing to a party and would LOVE to have the Channel, but I had to go to Dillards and get a cheapie. I did'nt even know that Channel had a silver bag! :love: Hey can I borrow yours!?!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Gotta go, Have a safe and wonderful Halloween!
  11. Chanel!!!
  12. OH NO!:amazed: Don’t say that you had to return the ”butter” Spy :cry: I love that bag :love: Witch bag did you get instead?
  13. Hey ya'll go to another post to see which bag Noriko actually ended up with!
  14. hehe yeah go check it out guys! :biggrin: I'm sooo happy with it!
  15. You are soooo on bag restriction..... :smile: