Bag choice

  1. I want something that can go day or night and I'm debating between: Turnlock Teri in black or Faridah in black. I go between shoulder and crook of arm regularly. The teri is a just fit on the shoulder but it works. Is the Teri too day timey for dinner, movies. Too big?
  2. Ooh, I love both of those bags! I think it just depends on your personal style. I would feel comfortable with either one both day and night but I'm pretty casual. Although I do have to say that the Teri seems a bit more casual than the Faridah. Whichever one you get please post pics!
  3. Thanks. I bought the Teri on pre-sale so I pick it up on wed. In the mean time I'm sure I will vacillate endlessly on whether this was the right bag for me, LOL.
  4. So I picked up my Black Teri yesterday and...I don't know. Its OK but I think I'm taking it back for the bowler. Anyone with both want to weigh in on which they use more?
    I did get it for an amazing price, $368.
  5. I don't own either, but personally, I think I prefer the shape of the Teri over the bowler. But it really depends on which you seeing yourself using more. If you like the bowler shape better, than go for it!
  6. IMO, black Faridah is more versatile, it can either use as a day/night bag. Teri is very spacious and have 3 big compartment and more like a "day" bag to me.

    Anyway, bowler is cute too! Do show us your lovely bag after you have make your final decision yeah~! ;)