Bag Charms w/ Gold Hardware?

  1. I'm looking for some more bag charms, but as my LV hardware is gold... I want charms with gold hardware.

    I love the Coach charms... wish they came in gold.

    I know a lot of people don't care about their hardware matching... I'm just a bit anal about things like that. :p

    So, any brand recommendations?
  2. Juicy Charms! I love the Coach charms too, but I can't stand the hardware not matching either LOL
  3. How about the obious choice? Louis Vuitton has some really beautiful accessoires and there are new ones being released all the time.
  4. I know what you mean...I need things to match too! Any specific LV bag you are looking for a charm for? Red looks awesome on damier.
  5. Just an everyday charm for my Monogram bags...

    I love this one Coach - HEART PICTURE FRAME CHARM from Coach - but haven't been able to find anything similar with gold hardware.
  6. Juicy charms are great! Also...using LE cles as charms works too :smile:
  7. The monogram pastilles bag charm is really pretty and the monogram jack and lucie is adorable! Both would look great on a mono bag :love:
  8. yeah all the new Coach charms are super cute. I agree that Juicy charms are great too.
  9. Hi! I'd say Juicy has the cutest charms with gold hardware. I don't personally have one (yet:graucho: ).
    I too :heart: the coach charms....I just attached one to my camera! The conversation lanyard (has a :heart: on it).

  10. jack and lucie is my all time fave, wish i could get it, but woah, it's a lot of $$
  11. Juicy charms are so cute!
  12. other than LV, gotta go with juicy.
    love the coach ones, but i'm with you on the hardware matching...
    now, you could buy these charms and a new epi bag with palladium hardware and you'd be all set....:graucho:
  13. I am real anal about gold and silver having to match too. I picked up a cute cherry juicy charm. Someone said they found some marked down at Nordstrom Rack but I haven't found any there yet. Juicy has a lip charm similar to the Coach one but it is totally blinged out.
  14. Juicy and LV.