Bag charms on balenciaga

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  1. I have just bought my first balenciaga bag in black rggh and reading theads on the forum helps me in my choice. Now do you ladies adorned you balenciaga with bag charms.Savvy or tacky.
  2. #2 Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2010
    Congrats on your first Bal bag! Warning: it gets extremely addictive!:graucho:

    As for the charms, for me, there is enough going on that I don't feel the need to adorn mine, but I have enjoyed pics of some other people's bags with charms.

    It depends on so many things: the person who carries the bag, the outfit she is wearing, and, of course, the charm itself!

    This is a pic of Susan Lee's bag, I hope she doesn't mind my reposting here. I found this combo to be, errrrr...charming.;)

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  3. Please do a search as well as check the Clubhouse for existing threads, thanks!
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