Bag charms: do they scratch the bag, snag clothes?

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  1. Hi,

    For those who have the Fleur D'epi bag charm (or one that connects to both handles), so you find that they snag your clothes?

    I am planning to get an Epi Neverfull and wanted to get the Fleur D'epi charm to attach to the handles. Since I would wear this bag under my arm, I wonder if the charm will snag my sleeves.

    Also, does it scratch up the Epi leather?

  2. I have a fleur d'epi on my epi Alma MM and it hasn't pulled my clothes or scratched the bag. I don't like using it on my smaller Alma though, because it bangs around too much.
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    I haven't had any clothing snags or scratched but it did cause a chipped tooth!! ��

    I had the puzzle key ring on my bag, my bag was in the back seat of my vehicle. I went to grab my bag and as I brought it nearer to me, the charm swung forward and hit my front tooth, causing a chip & a trip to the dental office.

    Try explaining that to the dentist!
  4. I haven't had any problems with mine except some pitting on the brass. Not sure why I don't use it that much - but they are pretty
  5. Thanks everyone for your input! Oh my gosh, a chipped tooth!? ouch!

    So I tried out the charm on the Epi Neverfull (which I ended taking home today!). It doesn't make any noise and it didn't seem to snag my clothes. The chain lays pretty flat.

    It's so gorgeous, I may need to go back and buy it!

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  6. Your Epi Neverfull is so pretty and the charm is the perfect fit 😍😍😍. Congrats!!!
  7. The charm looks great! Enjoy your Epi Neverfull. I love the Indigo color, and want this bag too! Hopefully, I will have funds soon.
  8. That is gorgeous. It dresses up the bag like crazy! So pretty.
  9. That's gorgeous! Suits with you bag with much. It's amazing. Congrats!
  10. I have a Fleur D'Epi charm on my Denim NF. So far, no snagging or scratching the leather. Makes some sound, but that's OK! [emoji177] ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462716670.473068.jpg

  11. Stunning!

  12. Your bag and sink :smile: are beautiful!!

  13. Thanks so much! [emoji253]
  14. Get the charm! It fits the bag so beautifully. Plus they seem to change quite often and you'll end up regretting that you didn't get it.
  15. So gorgeous! I almost bought the denim, it was a tough choice to make!
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