bag charm?

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  1. Ok, please forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong place.

    Has anyone seen or do they know if one is made, a charm in the shape of a birkin in yellow gold (or kelly).

    I have a charm bracelet, I collect a charm for every year I'm cancer free, sometimes two charms especially if it's been a tough year, I would love a birkin charm or a kelly charm well any nice gold charm from H. I know my store here doesn't have any and I don't remember if I saw any in NYC store, didn't see any in the Boston store and of course I will look at FSH but would help to know if I'm not looking for something that does not exist.

    Thanks for your help
  2. Not sure MissMargaux but I just want to congratulate you for being free of cancer!!!Love the way that you are rewarding yourself..
  3. geminisparklers has a Birkin-shaped bag charm made of Swarovski crystals. It's her avatar recently. I don't know where she got it.


    Congratulations for being cancer-free, by the way.
  4. congrats missM - may you remain cancer-free in perpetuity!

    i've definitely seen bag charms in white gold on some re-seller sites, but i don't recall yellow gold. i'll keep my eye out, though.
  5. this is not a bag charm but a charm bracelet from Ranag:


    $3000 before the price increase. I don't know how much it is now and I'm afraid to ask. :wtf:
  6. Thanks for the good thoughts and wishes. Very very much appreciated, it's been 8 years and amost 3 months.

    This is something I would prefer to buy "in person" becuase of the special meaning, half the fun is shopping for it I just was wondering if I was looking for a nedle in a haystack or if it exhisted.
  7. Oh my, that is a beautiful bracelt. thank you for the picture, very beautiful. I would take any one of those charms, lol. The bracelet too of course but I would be more than satisified with just a charm
  8. What a wonderful reason to collect a charm.

    Does it have to be an Hermes one? Links of London did one, I'm using my iPhone to post or I'd add a link but if you Google them their site will come up. I got a charm from them some years ago that was supposed to look like a Birkin with a couple of tiny diamonds

  9. Thank you for the good thoughts too. And no it doesn't have to be an H charm, I have a Links charm already that I got from NYC. I love their stuff. Thank you will defiitely have a look I have their website.
  10. Woo Hoo!!!! Congratulations on being cancer free MissM! Love the charm bracelet idea.
  11. MissMargaux, any of the bag charms you see in the picture can be bought seperately. I bought the Constance charm last year and I cant remember what I paid for it. $375? or was it $475? I remember the Birkin Charm being the same price.

    and congratu;ations on being cancer free
  12. Thanks Seton, that is wonderful news. Most appreciated. :smile:) And thank you so much for the good wishes, that means a lot to me. And Sus too, thank you and everyone for all the good wishes thank you.

    When I got Dx, I was on a support chat group and the owner of the group told me she started a bracelet collection, she had been 6 years out and she bought herself a bracelet every year, at 10 years she had them all melded together to make one long one and it was beautiful. Another lady said she started a charm bracelet and I liked that idea so I followed. I'm telling the story since I can't take the credit for the idea.

    Again thank you so much for the good thoughts and wishes. That really really means so much to me.
  13. You know the more I think about this idea the more I see how special it is, each time you see the number of charms you must smile to yourself :heart:
  14. What a wonderful idea and congratulations on being cancerfree! I am sure you could find some kind SA to help you locate those charms. They do pop up regularly!
  15. Congrats to you! You might even look at Juicy Couture charms. They rip off everything Hermes, so there might be a little bag charm. They are affordable too.