Bag charm for my Pochette Bosphore

  1. Jack and Lucie normally only hang out on my Damier Speedy 25, but look at how completely cute :nuts: they look on my Pochette Bosphore! Does anyone else jazz up their Pochette Bosphore like this?
    Bosphore.jpg J&LonBosphore.jpg
  2. oh, I love it...the swarovski crystals are sooo sparkly!
  3. I love it ... looks fantastic .. I adore the pochette bosphore as it is such a great casual bag:heart:
  4. Shalom! Thanks. This bag comes out to play mostly on Fridays and Saturdays...she is more casual! Now she can have a little sparkle too!
  5. looks great!
    i love the jack and lucie keychain!
  6. looks nice
    may be a little bit hard to see ....
    on speedy is more show off ^_^
  7. Jack and Lucy look great on there. What a cute idea. I haven't seen anyone with keychain yet.
  8. again totally love that keychain, how much is it cuz I couldn't find it on elux.
  9. Awesome keychain for such a fun bag, love the combo!
  10. Looks good!!!!
  11. Pretty! : )
  12. How cute! I never thought of putting a charm on the strap! Good idea! =)
  13. It looks cute!!! You should get a Panda Cles too! :biggrin:
  14. I agree! I need a Panda Cles! Thanks John
  15. Cute! I love how it looks!