bag categories-are you covered?

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  1. I wish I could give credit to whomever posted this a while back, but I can't remember. She wrote down how she works her collection, and i wrote it down in a notebook. I am resurrecting it since my collection has changed almost completely since I first wrote it down, about a year ago. The speedy is the only bag I had back then and still have. From this list, I'm considering selling the Minkoff's, but maybe not. (And no selling on TPF!) I am considering adding a Chanel flap which would fit into category 1,2 and 3.

    1) Shoulder/hobo
    Epi Noe NM in yellow (vintage)

    2) Crossbody
    Hermes Evelyne

    3) Special Occasion
    Chanel Cambon WOC (on the way from Brandoff)

    4) Everyday/All weather
    several Longchamps 2 medium, 2 large, Rebecca Minkoff 5 zip and a MAC

    5) Handheld
    Speedy 30 DA, Hermes Picotin pm

    6) Tote
    Chanel Medallion

    I used to have, but sold a Neverfull, Cabos Piano, Totally GM, Speedy B DE, speedy mono, Eva, Gucci hobo, mini pleaty, baggy denim, Pochette Metis, and several bag charms and SLGs.

    I would love to see your Must Haves and what categories you consider necessary to your life. And yes, I know NONE of them are necessary. We are bag junkies here. :P
  2. Definitely covered. This is how I plan my purchases. Categories ×2 for warm and cold seasons.
  3. You sold lot of LVs, I think you have great covered!
  4. Shoulder/hobo-Artsy
    Shoulder/handled/cross body/everyday-DE Speedy B
    Occasion -Vernis Alma
    I don't have any tote, I am not covered! :biggrin:
  5. Oh no! Handbag emergency!!!! :panic::cray::panic::cray::panic::cray:

  6. 1) Shoulder/hobo
    Gucci horsebit hobo/black on black monogram

    2) Crossbody
    Coach Bleecker daily shoulder

    3) Special Occasion
    pending... next purchase will likely be a clutch

    4) Everyday/All weather
    Le Pliage, DE Neverfull GM

    5) Handheld
    mono Speedy 30, DA Speedy 30, DE Speedy 35

    6) Tote
    Mono Totally

    Still deciding which clutch I want... looking at YSL, LV (toiletry pouch possibly or the Louise clutch), or possibly a smaller brand like Opelle or Cuyana.
  7. Why did you sell your metis pochette?i thought you loved yours (from the metis pochette club comments)
  8. I like this list it helps sort out what you have and what "holes" you have in your collection

    1) Shoulder/hobo - none
    2) Crossbody - Mulberry Alexa valentine
    3) Going out- Mulberry black silky snake lily , raspberry lily
    4) Everyday/All weather- mix between most
    5) Handheld - Mulberry Del Rey deer brown
    6) Tote- LV neverfull DE mm

    My next purchase on my wish list is a LV speed B 25 to use in all weathers(4) and then either an Eva clutch or favourite and I'm missing a hobo style.
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    Last edited: Apr 20, 2014
    My choice if I were a girl...:lol: :
    1) Shoulder/hobo - LV Mahina L/Dior Soft
    2) Crossbody -LV Hoxton GM/ Chanel reissue flap
    3) Going out- LV Favorite MM(Monogram or Damier Azur)/ LV Hoxton (MM/GM)/ Chanel Reissue flap/ Miss Dior
    4) Everyday/All weather- Montaigne MM (Monogram)/ Speedy Idylle (Encre)/ Dior Soft/ Prada Lux tote/ Fendi 2jours or the Chameleon/ LV Hoxton GM/ Balenciaga City/ Chanel flap jumbo
    5) Handheld - Prada Lux Tote/Lady Dior
    6) Tote- Prada Lux Tote/Lady Dior/ Diorissimo/ Balenciaga Work
  10. I know. It was my favorite mono bag. Beautiful, functional, light weight, and all that. But, it was mono and I was tired of seeing mono everywhere. My only two LVs are epi and DA now. When I got the Hermes Evelyne, it was about one month (I'd guess) after I got my Pochette Metis and it's basically the same style. So, the end of the love affair with mono combined with getting my HG, the Evelyne, the metis had to go to a new home. It's not even in a new home yet. It's on Fashionphile!

    I may go back to mono one day-they are beautiful bags. But only when the frenzy dies down in my area. I am not exaggerating when I say if you have 10 women in one room, 8 will be carrying a mono bag.

  11. 1. Shoulder
    DE Neverfull
    Black Goyard St Louis
    Red Goyard St Louis

    2. Cross body
    DE Eva

    3. Special occasion
    Chanel WOC black caviar GHW

    4. Everyday all weather
    DE Neverfull

    5. Hand held
    DE speedy 30

    6. Tote
    Neverfull and Goyard St Louis bags

    Fun thread!!!!
  12. As a guy, my bag requirements are a little bit different, but I guess I would need to contribute since my tastes are slowly changing (put it at a glacier rate)... LOL. I have kinda changed the titles but essentially they are the same..

    1) Shoulder/hobo:
    LV NF GM Ikat in Grand Bleu (beach bag)

    2) Crossbody (Messenger):
    Monogram Abbesses
    Bastille GM in Damier Ebene
    Daniel GM in Damier Graphite
    Roman MM in Taiga Leather

    3) Special Occasion (Don't really use clutches - too cumbersome and in a blazer there are a million huge pockets, but I do have a few 'man clutches' lol):

    Givenchy Rottweiler clutch
    Givenchy Madonna clutch
    LV Toiletry Pouch 26
    (trying to find one) Givenchy Bambi Print Clutch
    (trying to find one) Celine Color block pouch

    4) Everyday/All weather
    (all messengers above)
    40 Monogram Speedy B
    40 Multicolor White Speedy (still in box with the plastic wrappings, LOL)
    40 Multicolor Black Speedy (still in box with the plastic wrappings, LOL)
    35 Monogram Speedy B
    35 Damier Azure Speedy B
    35 Damier Ebene Speedy B
    35 Monogramouflage Speedy
    30 Roses Speedy (rarely, lol)
    30 Speedy Empriente Bleu Infini
    30 Speedy Empriente Noir

    5) Handheld
    Hermes Kelly 40 (coming in the mail!!!!! :faint: :happy dance:
    All Speedies above
    Sac Plats in numerous prints (Mono, DE and Denim)

    6) Tote
    LV NF GM Ikat Grand Blue
    (thinking of getting) Celine Cabas Black

    As you can see, I have a big gap in my collection - too much LV!! I already sold a lot of my LV pieces to a better home due to the fact that I used them as art pieces and they were once my mother's who only used them maybe 5 times.. I am liking Celine, Givenchy, Saint Laurent and Proenza and of course HERMES!! Using the funds from the bag/clothes/shoe sale to save up money for a house and some of it going to the goods :graucho:
  13. Love reading this thread!
  14. you have a lot of bags!!!! Can't wait to see the Kelly reveal. I think I'm not nearly cool enough to carry the higher end Hermes. :cool:

  15. This thread is fun! I'm admiring all your collections ladies!! :love::nuts: Hope one day mine will be that awesome.

    1) Shoulder/hobo - Neverfull MM
    2) Crossbody - DE Eva, a few mini mac from Rebecca Minkoff
    3) Going out- Marc Jacobs Eugenie clutch
    4) Everyday/All weather- Mono Neverfull MM, mix between, or my backpack (I'm still in college) :P
    5) Handheld - DE speedy 30, Balenciaga City, Prada saffiano 2274
    6) Tote- Mon Mono Neverfull MM, Longchamp totes