Bag Care

  1. Hi Girls!

    I've been a long-time, extremely envious reader of the Purse Blog and Forum. I've finally got a bag that makes me feel like one of the group--a Marc Jacobs' Hobo Banana in Mouse. I got it on sale at Holt Renfrew in Calgary, AB and the salesgirl wasn't all that helpful with a couple of my main questions. How do I care for the bag? The salesgirl said I don't need to do anything to it, but I want this bag to last a lifetime, so what should I do? The leather has a slightly pearlized finish, but are there any leather treatments, etc. that I should be using? Is it okay to use it every day?

    Thanks so much!
  2. Just love the bag. It will wear fine. My only advice is not to sit it anywhere dirty. It's a dark color so you shouldn't have to worry about dirt too much.
  3. I care for my bags by not bringing them to smokey environments, prevent spilling anything on it and of cos they sit on my lap or a clean chair.
  4. There are commercially available leather cleaning products available if the bag does get soiled. Other than that, it should be fine as it is.
  5. Does anyone find that these bags start to crack over time, though? I mean, isn't that what eventually happens to leather if you don't treat it? I'm talking five or ten years down the road, but still...