Bag Came ... With Sensor!

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  1. My bag arrived (will have pics later) but during my photoshoot (lol) I noticed the bag still had the sensor. It's shaped like a padlock with the rubber-covered wire going through the handles. My SA in NY, Jonathan Snipes, had it shipped from another Saks store but according to him he said he could take it off in his store or I can save myself a trip (it's a hassle because that Saks is really busy) and snip it with wire cutters. Is this true? Has anyone ever had this problem?
  2. oooh that happened literally just a couple of weeks ago to another member.

    Have a search in the threads the header was my chanel came, with surprise gift! or something very similar

    Whats the bag like tho? is it gorgeous ;)
  3. That sounds like something that you can cut. I would just use pliers. Just make sure it's not one of those security tags that ruins the item (like spraying ink) when not opened properly.
  4. yes! it happened with my grey reissue. :nuts:i was petrified to snip it myself:sweatdrop:....but i did and it was fine. i used wire quick snip.:okay: good luck! you'll be fine.
  5. Thanks, Chloe-Babe. I will do a search. It looks just like SympathyDuet's bag from the 'Pocket in the City' reference thread. I love it. My battery died halfway through so recharging.

  6. Cola, I would die if any ink got on this bag. Can you imagine? lol :crybaby:

    Hey Mick! So happy you stopped by. I feel much more confident! I will give it a try. :tup:
  7. yeah, i made sure there was not a dye filled sensors on my bag....:Push:

    good luck!:flowers:
  8. Great bag...but I too would be nervous to cut it off myself. Knowing me I would wrap the purse with a plastic trash bag...... just in case.

    Good luck!
  9. So smart! :idea:

  10. :lol: Your SA, Jonathan, would have told you if you could get sprayed with ink. He said to snip it... and that's what I would do.
  11. i know what the wire is..It happened to me SEVERAL times via SAKS(SIGH!)
    U can just snip the wire..and its fine
  12. haha i've never heard of this before!